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AVIcode Introduces Client Side Application Monitoring
Aug 06, 2008 (08:08 AM EDT)

BALTIMORE, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- AVIcode, Inc., the leading provider of real-time, always-on application monitoring solutions, today announced a Client Side Monitoring (CSM) add-on for Intercept Studio. The product extends the end-to-end application health monitoring capabilities of Intercept Studio by enabling the ability to detect and diagnose problems with browser-based applications.

AVIcode delivers the industry's most complete suite of application monitoring solutions used throughout the application lifecycle. Intercept Studio provides visibility into application problems related to .NET code and a variety of server-side service dependencies. However, while the server infrastructure may be functioning properly, there are a number of end-user environment factors that may impact the performance of browser-based applications, such as trying to render large HTML pages with limited Internet connectivity. With CSM, AVIcode has further augmented its core monitoring capabilities to provide a more complete view of the end user experience, across application tiers, by additionally tracking and diagnosing the root cause of client-side issues, such as JavaScript errors and page rendering performance.

Organizations are continually striving to better leverage the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies like Silverlight, in order to provide a more dynamic, rich and robust user experience with browser-based applications. As these advances are made, management and monitoring challenges grow and the risks of performance degradation increase, along with the number of potential points of application failure.

It is becoming increasingly important to have visibility into the actual end user experience, especially if these applications drive revenue or increase customer loyalty. With CSM, AVIcode allows organizations to monitor both business activity and problems affecting the user experience in order to avoid unforeseen problems and quickly make necessary adjustments.

"Having insight into user performance issues and their root causes, provides a more complete picture of application health, and enables organizations to more rapidly detect, isolate and correct problems," said Mike Curreri, CEO at AVIcode. "Our advanced Client Side Monitoring functionality gives companies competitive advantage, minimizes application costs and helps to ensure positive brand reputation."

AVIcode's CSM solution provides insight into Web transactions, enabling the correlation of events detected in the browser, application, and database tiers. Organizations are able to quickly isolate and determine whether an end user is experiencing a problem due to a server-side failure or browser failure due to network latency, poorly optimized JavaScript, or page size.

AVIcode expects its Client Side Monitoring solution to be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2008. For more information about the AVIcode Client Side Monitoring solution, please visit .

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