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GlobalGiving Launches First-Ever 'Green' Scoring for Social Entrepreneurs & Development
Jul 25, 2008 (10:07 AM EDT)

WASHINGTON, July 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- GlobalGiving, the leading online marketplace for philanthropy, today launched GlobalGiving Green (TM), , a one of a kind scoring system that measures the climate impact of social entrepreneurs and other development projects in communities around the world, from Nepal and Tanzania, to Honduras and the United States.

The developing world faces a double burden: Climate change threatens poor communities with economic devastation in the form of floods, droughts, and ruined harvests. But every developed country in the world today has come to its wealth and well-being through a carbon-intensive path, that if repeated across the developing world today would cancel out any efforts we have made to combat global warming to date or in the future.

"Through GlobalGiving Green we are taking an unprecedented approach to supporting development through a climate change lens," said Dennis Whittle, co-founder and CEO of GlobalGiving. "The goal is to set the standard for evaluating grassroots, on-the-ground projects against criteria that take into account both environmental and other development-related 'co-benefits.' With this additional layer of screening, people who want to 'give green' have the information and tools to do so quickly and easily."

GlobalGiving worked with EcoSecurities, a world leader in emissions reduction markets, to develop a framework to score the climate change impact of grassroots development projects. Each project is evaluated not only according to how well it helps reduce harmful emissions, but alsohow it stacks up in areas such as providing sustainable, positive economic growth, aiding the culture and environment of a community, educating future generations on green techniques, and more.

"Companies and individuals increasingly want to help mitigate climate change, but it's not always easy for them to determine what they're really accomplishing," said Dr. Mark C. Trexler, Managing Director of EcoSecurities Global Consulting Services. "For GlobalGiving Green, we developed an innovative approach to assess the true environmental impact of each project, by measuring not only its affect on global warming, but how well it contributes to sustainable development, new technological innovation and the community's ability to adapt to a changing climate. With this tool, GlobalGiving donors can see at a glance how their donations are working to fight climate change."

GlobalGiving Green is the first step towards creating a market-based incentive for green development to thrive, by helping to effectively translate the demand for climate change solutions to community leaders and social entrepreneurs on the ground, helping them understand how their proposed solutions can build a carbon-neutral path to development. By increasing the access and awareness of these projects at the grassroots level, smaller climate change mitigation projects that normally don't get funded by offset retailers will be able to compete.

"Through the GlobalGiving Green scoring system, both donors and social entrepreneurs or others working on development projects around the world will know how their proposed activity impacts climate change," added Mari Kuraishi, co-founder and President of GlobalGiving. "Armed with this knowledge, individuals most concerned about climate change can systematically search for, and identify the most promising solutions that are creating positive change, developing responsibly, and reducing harmful emissions."

GlobalGiving ( ) is the leading Internet-based network for peer-to-peer philanthropy. Our mission is to sustain a high-powered marketplace for good that connects donors directly to the causes they care most about. Through GlobalGiving, individuals and corporations can maximize the impact of every dollar by efficiently and transparently directing their donations to projects here at home and around the world. Since its launch in 2002, GlobalGiving has helped thousands of donors give over $11 million to approximately 1,000 projects. GlobalGiving is based in Washington, D.C.

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