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Iconoculture's IconoCommunities Are Opening Up Consumer Conversations
Jul 23, 2008 (08:07 AM EDT)

MINNEAPOLIS, July 23 /PRNewswire/ - Iconoculture, a cultural trend research company, today announced the integration of IconoCommunities into its core product offering. IconoCommunities are consumer-centered social networks designed to give companies a real-life, real-time read on consumers' innermost moods, mindsets and motivations.

IconoCommunities offer Fortune 1000 companies and agencies instant access to groups of active, engaged consumers across different lifestages and demographic groups. From on-the-go moms to brand-savvy teens, urban Boomers to up-and-coming young professionals, Iconoculture is in close, constant contact with numerous consumer markets to dimensionalize insight into the motivations driving consumer action.

"In an ever-changing consumer world, it is extremely important for companies to find out exactly what emotions, motivators, and real-life issues are impacting consumer decisions," said Tracy Wellens, chief product strategist. "IconoCommunities provide a fresh, innovative opportunity for companies to engage directly with consumers. Our clients leverage IconoCommunities to understand the nuances factoring into consumers' lives and to better position their products and services to what consumers ultimately want."

Memberships to the online communities come in two forms: IconoCommunities | People and IconoCommunities | Teens. IconoCommunities | People helps deepen consumer insight for companies who design products and services tailored to consumers who are 18 years of age and older. IconoCommunities | Teens is customized to specifically tap into the values and expectations of today's evolutionary teen market.

IconoCommunities are professionally managed and moderated, and expert translation of consumer feedback is conducted by consumer strategists to help companies define next steps for marketing strategies. The cost to implement and interpret custom research and ongoing consumer dialogue in IconoCommunities is also provided at a fraction of the cost of similar services.

Recently, IconoCommunities research was published in a report titled Syndicated Featured Reports on Eco-Friendly Desires and Progressions. The analysis showed that adult consumers are wary of greenwashing by companies, where teens have little of this ingrained skepticism. After years of eco-trends, teens are much more optimistic and are willing to believe that companies are genuinely trying to make an environmental difference. This type of data is being used to enhance major business initiatives around market research, product development, consumer retail experiences, marketing and communications, and strategic planning.

To get a closer look at what IconoCommunities can offer, visit to view a short product demo and to download an exclusive IconoCommunities bulletin.

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