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En Pointe Sues Softchoice for Illegal Acts
Jul 03, 2008 (08:07 AM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, July 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- En Pointe Technologies, Inc., , announced today that it had filed suit against Softchoice Corporation, seeking a court declaration that Softchoice has engaged in improper business practices by using anti-competitive clauses in its employment contracts and policies which unlawfully restrict an individual's ability to work.

In the court filing En Pointe alleges that Softchoice's employment contracts contain illegal and void clauses that prevent former Softchoice employees from marketing, offering, or providing products similar to those marketed, offered, or provided by Softchoice or to any Softchoice customer and that Softchoice's use of such clauses in its employment contracts is illegal and void.

"We believe that Softchoice's overreach manifests itself through an attempt to impose illegal and void terms on employees that restrict the rights of workers through anti-competitive business practices," noted Bob Din, CEO of En Pointe.

As a Minnesota court found in ruling against Softchoice on a trade-secret claim on April 15, 2008:

"... While [the employees] may know customers' contact information, the company's hardware system, etc. and they have skills and experience that was acquired while working for Softchoice, "[H]ow could [they] not?" . . . .. But many salespersons in the industry have acquired such skills and experience. Further, the customer information [the employees] have is available to anyone in the industry. Every company with computers is a potential reseller customer; the more computers, the better the prospect. Resources abound for salesperson to find contact information and details about those companies. None of the information obtained through these methods is Softchoice's confidential information, and it is not legitimate for Softchoice to seek to prevent [the employees] from utilizing these methods or the information obtained through these methods. Id. (a "salesperson should be able to ply his trade"); . . . .("knowledge of industry contact people does not rise to the level of a trade secret because this type of unprotected information is readily attainable with a trade"). That Softchoice "maintains" it after its representatives collect it does not convert the information into Softchoice's confidential information. . . . . ("the mere fact that a 'confidential' label is attached to information is not itself sufficient to elevate ordinary sales information to secretive stature") . It is insufficient for Softchoice to argue that, while the individual pieces of information may be publicly available, Softchoice has combined the information and the combination is entitled to protection. . . . ("[simply to assert a trade secret resides in some combination of otherwise known data is not sufficient"); . . . . ("customer lists, even with specific information about those customers attached to them, are generally not considered to rise to the level of a trade secret under Minnesota law"). Nor is it sufficient for Softchoice to argue that the way it generated and combined the publicly available information is entitled to protection, because it does so just like everyone else in the industry . .. . "

"We are confident in the value of the totality of the En Pointe offering to potential employees and to our customers. En Pointe's broad offering of software, hardware and services enables its employees to serve customers across the full spectrum of the customers' needs. We believe that Softchoice wrongfully threatens suit against employees who dare to leave them," said Michael Rapp, Vice-President of En Pointe. "Our goal is to put a stop to this illegal behavior and force Softchoice to acknowledge the rights and freedoms of their present and former employees."

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