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Martin Brutosky Appointed CEO of eChalk to Guide Company's Aggressive Growth
Jun 19, 2008 (10:06 AM EDT)

NEW YORK, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- eChalk, Inc., a national education technology company, today announced the appointment of Martin Brutosky as Chief Executive Officer. Brutosky brings 30 years of experience implementing successful marketing, sales, business development, and capital recruitment strategies at several leading technology companies.

His appointment comes as eChalk, one of Deloitte & Touche's Technology Fast 50 companies in New York, continues to focus on aggressive growth by offering new segments of the market a safe and secure online solution that transforms K-12 schools into well-recognized and high-achieving communities.

"We are glad that Martin shares our excitement about eChalk's growth opportunities," said John Hickey, a member of eChalk's board of directors. "His leadership will take us to the next level."

"eChalk is the only service-delivered solution that combines communication and learning applications in a customizable system that can be easily aligned to state standards and district goals," said Brutosky, who joins eChalk from TetraData, a leading provider of K-12 performance management and data-driven solutions, where as CEO he led growth in the customer base to more than 4,000 schools in 34 states.

"As more schools see the limitations of content management tools that cannot guarantee service, safety or security, eChalk demonstrates its superior value by providing the kind of online protection, in-person professional development, and rigorous web usage analysis simply unavailable anywhere else," he said.

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, eChalk has been at the cutting edge of the market, creating communities in which everyone vital is connected to the classroom and involved in the education process.

"We extend learning from school to home and beyond, reproducing online all the essential elements of the K-12 classroom setting within a community controlled and monitored by each school or district," said Torrance Robinson, President and Founder of eChalk. "Everyone knows what is happening at all times and this transparency breeds accountability. In education, this is more valuable than any social network or content management system-it is a fully protected, fully empowered community of peers and partners."

Another unique feature of the growing eChalk community is a lesson planning component that improves collaboration among curriculum directors, teachers, and principals. "Imagine a streamlined method of communicating standards; tracking submitted plans; identifying instructional gaps; and analyzing what has been taught against each standard-all this is fully integrated into our online solution," said Daniel Watts, who will remain on eChalk's board of directors after serving as CEO for the past two years.

About eChalk

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York City, eChalk offers K-12 schools web-based systems that transform teaching, learning, and leadership by creating communities in which all stakeholders can easily communicate, collaborate, and connect. Students are given a new way to learn, teachers a new way to teach, and administrators a new way to lead. Each community is customized to meet the needs of each school and district.

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