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Mach6 Announces the Appointment of Bob Patel
Jun 19, 2008 (08:06 AM EDT)

EMMELOORD, The Netherlands, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Mach6 announced the appointment of Bob Patel as its New Business Development Manager in another step to strengthen the company as a leading Satellite Solution Provider and Teleport Operator.

Bob Patel was formally employed with Comtech EF Data and Idirect, and in both cases he fulfilled a very pro-active role towards Mach6 that didn't stay unnoticed.

"With a long history of success, Bob Patel has the global experience and knowledge that will enable him to develop and expand our established position," said Ray Eijke, Director of Sales of Mach6. "His experience and knowledge with our main technology partners will open new doors to success."

"Mach6 is growing fast and developed new ways to bring satellite communication in the most affordable way with the highest quality of service to the end user. With our global coverage we look forward to increasing our operational capacity and discover new business. Today I am deeply honored to assume this challenge, and I know Mach6 has all the tools we need to achieve it," said Bob Patel.

"With a history of service excellence, and based on our advanced technology, Mach6 has an incredible value proposition to offer multinational companies, government agencies, the maritime sector and service providers throughout the world," added Ray.

About Mach6

Mach6 satellite solutions provides worldwide connections for internet, telephone (VoIP), video conferencing, content delivery, VPN and bandwidth on demand. We are a service provider and Teleport operator offering total satellite solutions for Small businesses to Multinationals and ISP's. Experienced in multiple areas as the Maritime sector, Government, Emergency organizations, Disaster Recovery and Satellite Service Providers. We offer transparent solutions, high quality of service and flexibility as main standards of Mach6.

Mach6 operates his corporate headquarters in Emmeloord, The Netherlands and its two earth stations in Rugby, UK and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Mach6 offers worldwide coverage.


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