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Waves Audio Enhancement Algorithms Available for CSR's BlueCore-Multimedia Single-Chip Bluetooth Solutions
Jun 18, 2008 (06:06 AM EDT)

TEL-AVIV, Israel, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Waves Audio Ltd. today announced that its audio enhancement algorithms are now being offered with CSR's BlueCore-Multimedia platforms under the company's eXtension Partner Program. This marks the first time that Waves' award-winning technologies will be accessible to manufacturers of Bluetooth devices using CSR's solutions.

Waves is the world leader in digital sound processing technology, heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games everywhere. These same algorithms can now be used in a wide variety of the Bluetooth applications including headphones, speakers, and car audio. And with the burgeoning popularity of Bluetooth devices in the home, office, and on the road, the possibilities for Waves audio improvement are growing.

Under its MaxxAudio brand, Waves currently offers 5 technologies which enhance and optimize the audio performance of consumer electronics:

MaxxAudio Features

Patented Waves MaxxBass psycho-acoustic bass extension delivers a more natural sound than traditional bass boost technologies, which use EQ and can overpower your system. MaxxBass analyzes low frequencies to create harmonics which are CSR Offers Waves Audio Enhancement perceived as lower, deeper tones.

MaxxTreble delivers crystal clear high frequency enhancement, for increased RMS without exceeding the system ceiling. Its proprietary algorithm restores luster to over-compressed formats, for the perfect listening experience.

Based on the Waves professional S1 processor, MaxxStereo extends the span of stereo side content while maintaining the integrity of unprocessed center content.

MaxxStereo for Speakers improves the stereo separation of speakers, widening the stereo field for optimal imaging.

MaxxStereo for Headphones improves stereo perception, restoring the original listening balance for more natural sound.

MaxxEQ gives you the power to design EQ curves and shape your sound with surgical precision, using up to 10 programmable filters with bell, shelf, low pass, and high pass, plus adjustable frequency, gain, and Q parameters. MaxxEQ's intuitive Graphic User Interface makes click-and-drag filter design fast and easy.

MaxxVolume is an all-in-one volume control, with High Level Compression to increase RMS levels, Low Level Compression to increase the clarity of soft sounds, Noise Gating to eliminate signal and system noise, and Leveling to smooth out volume levels. Plus, MaxxVolume can be used to implement intelligent, manufacturer-defined ear protection mechanisms.

These technologies are ideal for a wide range of BlueCore-equipped Bluetooth devices.

"CSR's BlueCore Multimedia products have been specifically designed for advanced audio applications and are the only ICs on the market to integrate a digital signal processor (DSP) and on-chip memory," commented Helen Barnes, Software Marketing Manager at CSR. "CSR's eXtension Partner Program enables CSR to work with some of the world's leading third party software vendors such as Waves Audio Ltd to help provide OEMs with unprecedented levels of audio quality and functionality when integrating Bluetooth into wireless audio applications."

"Waves psychoacoustic processing technologies bring a variety of benefits to cellphones, headphones, car audio, and other devices using CSR's chips," added Elad Loker, General Manager, Consumer division. "It was great working with CSR. Our engineers have developed custom solutions for their platform, and we look forward to collaborating closely with them to bring these innovations to market."

About Waves:

Waves is the world's leading developer and provider of audio signal processing tools, with award-winning software and hardware for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets. Waves has more than fifteen years of expertise in the development of psycho-acoustic signal processing algorithms which leverage knowledge of the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves processors are used to improve sound quality in the creation of the hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games the world over. Waves professional hardware products are used to improve live sound quality in venues ranging from Lincoln Center to Cirque du Soleil to television's American Idol.

Waves consumer IC and software licensing solutions compensate for the acoustic limitations of notebook PCs, LCD TVs, mobile phones, and portable audio systems by the top names in consumer electronics, including Toshiba, Sony, Sanyo, NEC, JVC, Microsoft, Delphi, Clarion and Altec Lansing.

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