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Intermarket Analysis in Today's Global Economy
Jun 17, 2008 (12:06 PM EDT)

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- A ground-breaking new book, Trend Forecasting with Intermarket Analysis -- Predicting Global Markets with Technical Analysis, by Louis Mendelsohn has just been released.

In this new edition Mendelsohn, a pioneer in intermarket analysis, provides readers with the knowledge they need to explore how to apply intermarket analysis to improve their trading, evaluating the relationships between financial markets and their influences on each other in today's global economy. To compete successfully in today's ever-changing economy, traders now need a method that has the ability to recognize reoccurring patterns between related global markets, as well as individual markets.

This new edition examines the role that intermarket analysis plays in helping traders identify and forecast changes in prices and trend direction. It provides insights into trading strategies useful to both novice and experienced traders and shows how more accurate forecasting can be achieved by using neural network calculations. The book also introduces readers to VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software ( ), which uses artificial intelligence applied to intermarket relationships to analyze and forecast price movements in stocks, futures, options, exchange-traded funds and foreign exchange markets.

Mendelsohn gives step-by-step details illustrating how to combine fundamental, technical, and intermarket analysis to create a trading strategy that capitalizes on the ability to forecast trends accurately, providing an edge to make more effective trading decisions than would be possible by relying solely on traditional single-market technical analysis.

Mendelsohn has been involved in the field of technical analysis for more than 35 years and played a significant role in the events surrounding the early application of personal computers to the financial markets in the 1980s. He hopes "to encourage others to embrace technical analysis, while having a continued focus on applying trading software to the financial markets."

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