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Iconoculture Introduces Annual Cultural Research Report
Jun 02, 2008 (08:06 AM EDT)

MINNEAPOLIS, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Iconoculture, a cultural trend research company, today announced the availability of Cultural Zeitgeist, its annual cultural research report. The interactive research report synthesizes Iconoculture's perspective on six core cultural topics impacting consumers today and tomorrow.

Unlike companies that provide "what happened" data, which has a limited shelf life, Iconoculture's Cultural Zeitgeist offers dynamic, qualitative and actionable insight across multiple categories and demographics on a global level. Iconoculture clearly outlines the implications and opportunities of these emerging topics, offering marketers a complete picture of the cultural landscape today.

Cultural Zeitgeist incorporates contextual facts and compelling cultural narratives with multimedia tools like podcasts and visualizations to facilitate a deeper understanding of what's going on, where it's headed and how it applies to business. By uncovering the global values driving these fundamental shifts in consumer behavior, the report helps marketers identify opportunities for growth, mitigate risk in brand development and product planning, and make key connections between core cultural topics and actionable business solutions.

"Cultural Zeitgeist offers a window into several core cultural shifts that are happening throughout markets around the globe," said Mary Meehan, Executive Vice President of Iconoculture. "With the dynamic resources offered in this report, our clients are able to assess another layer of the cultural reality for today's consumers. This unique approach to the market helps our clients leap ahead of competitors in their understanding of opportunities and challenges ahead of them."

Iconoculture's Cultural Zeitgeist explores and defines the following topics:

-- The Centerless World: As ultra-niche, nonconformity and access replace traditional appeal and brand loyalty, this topic looks at how the world is reconfiguring into a shape that no longer requires -- or allows -- singular dominance by any country, institution ... or brand. -- The Fear Economy: This topic explores fear as a cultural force driving change across categories, cultures and consumer demographics. Iconoculture offers ways to use the fear "factor" in marketing without preying on consumer's uncertainty. -- The Age Upon Us: By 2030, there will be 1 billion consumers that are 65 years and older -- representing one in every eight citizens. This topic explains how businesses need to be ready to meet the needs of seniors worldwide. -- Belief and the Globalized Consumer: Cause consumerism, religious convictions, and ethical investing are creating a new marketplace and uncharted territory for many brands. Understanding and respecting these beliefs is critical for connecting with consumers. -- A Finite Future: The endless frontier that the Earth and its resources were perceived to be a mere 50 years ago no longer exists in consumer consciousness. This topic unpacks the implications that come with living in a world of limited resources, as they apply to brands, business-leaders, individual consumers and the planet at large. -- Greater Expectations: From private companies taking up government functions to fast-changing focuses on ethics and transparency, this topic explores how morphing consumer expectations are radically reshaping the rules and roles of Big Business.

Over 30 of Iconoculture's Consumer Strategists collaborated on this report, leveraging the collective knowledge of the entire research organization to provide analysis of cross-functional trends that are transforming society today. Cultural Zeitgeist is offered as an enhancement to Iconoculture's domestic product. For more information on the Cultural Zeitgeist report, please visit .

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Iconoculture, a cultural trend research company, is the voice of cultural trends -- illuminating not only what's important to consumers worldwide, but also why it's happening and where it's heading. In order for companies to seize opportunities for developing products, services and messages, they need the inside story that's driving consumer behaviors and cultural trends. Iconoculture's perspective provides more actionable ideas to Fortune 1000 corporations and agencies, enabling companies to become warriors for their brands. In 2007, Inc. Magazine ranked Iconoculture as one of the top fastest-growing private companies in the nation. For more information, contact Iconoculture at 1-877-366-0087 or visit us online: .

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