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Skytide Presents Free Trial Reporting Option for Streaming & Downloadable Media Content
May 20, 2008 (08:05 AM EDT)

NEW YORK, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Streaming Media -- Skytide, the leading provider of analytics and reporting for online content, today announced a new trial offer for its analytical solution for rich media. This special offer allows each participating company to provide various data sources related to different aspects of online content to receive a series of interactive dashboards and reports that quantify content usage and revenue generated by geography, time, and user demographics. By merging together traffic logs, user registration data, ad insertion logs, and custom data sources, Skytide will provide participants with the detailed metrics they need to monetize online content through advertising and sponsorships, and that are not available from content delivery networks (CDNs), web analytics tools, or ad insertion networks.

Skytide Insight for Online Media(TM) is uniquely able to work with multiple sources of data to produce timely, interactive dashboards and reports without the special coding and instrumentation needed to run traditional Web Analytics, or a data warehouse and a database required by Business Intelligence tools. Deployed by leading global Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) and content owners, Skytide is able to transform previously inaccessible data into timely information that helps improve content ROI. Key data sources Skytide is able to access include:

-- Streaming & Downloadable Media log files: Flash, QuickTime, RealMedia, Windows Media, Microsoft Silverlight -- Ad Insertion Log Files -- Web Analytics Data: Omniture, Web Trends, Google Analytics -- CRM and ERP Data Geographic IP data -- User registrations data -- Other custom data sources

By combining these diverse data sources in a single, multi-dimensional analytical model, Skytide produces reports that reveal details about how content is consumed over time and how content performs related to associated advertising, including:

-- Content Uptake Reports track content usage by title, format type, and user demographics (for example age & gender) -- Geographic Analysis Reports rank content usage by country, state, city, and even zip code -- Traffic Analysis Reports illustrate content usage statistics, error messages, and status codes

All reports can be viewed across a range of metrics, including Bytes, Unique Users, Requests, Titles Visited, Percent Viewed, Duration, File Length, and Revisits, and segmented by different time intervals.

"Companies that deliver online media need access to the details and patterns behind how content is consumed by users. This new trial will allow companies that own and distribute content online to quickly discover the value ad revenue optimization and drastically improved ROI," explains Keith Feingold, CEO, Skytide.

The Skytide Reporting Trial is free of charge, and open to companies that deliver rich media over the Internet. For more information, please stop by the Skytide booth #401 at Streaming Media East or visit .

About Skytide:

Skytide is a leading provider of next-generation analytical solutions that provide an unprecedented view into what is driving business performance. Skytide's breakthrough technology allows users to perform advanced analytics on multiple streams of high volumes of data without the need for a data warehouse. Application areas for Skytide technology include media & entertainment, finance, technology, and other areas of business that generate significant volumes of mission-critical unstructured and semi-structured data. Skytide customers and partners include Akamai, Bittorrent, Internap, Grid Networks, Exploratorium, Total Webcasting, IBM, Microsoft, Sun and Sasol. For more information about Skytide, please visit .

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