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For Spring & Summer Household Mold, Put The Bleach Away: Bleach Doesn't Kill Mold
May 20, 2008 (08:05 AM EDT)

WILMINGTON, Mass., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Using bleach or popular bleach- based sprays on spring and summer mold problems is like weeding with a lawnmower: a temporary, cosmetic fix with zero lasting impact. The simple fact: bleach does not kill mold's roots, so spraying bleach on household mold is like inviting it to come again, real soon.

Moldex Brands(TM) ( ), whose only business is engineering products that clean and prevent household mold and mildew, is out to set the record straight through . The site exposes common misconceptions about bleach and mold, and explains how non- bleach Moldex(R) Disinfectant and Moldex(R) Protectant form a one-two, clean- and-seal, trigger-spray punch. The antimicrobial products, formulated with proprietary technology for superior performance can be used in the likeliest places mold can crop up -- bathrooms, kitchens, basements, exterior surfaces and more.

While damper spring and summer weather nurtures mold growth, mold can happen most anywhere. Even typically dry, hot states like Arizona are breeding grounds for mold in wall cavities, where condensation from non-stop air conditioner use comes in contact with warmer surfaces closer to the home's exterior.

"Come more humid weather, people who take exceptional care of their homes simply shouldn't have to accept that 'mold just comes back' every week or so," says Bryan Redler, CEO of EnviroCare Corp., owner of Moldex Brands.

"Our message is simple: bleach is effective for many household cleaning jobs, but not for mold," Redler says. "When you get the facts, you quickly understand why our products, designed expressly to fight mold, simply work better at both eliminating and preventing mold and mildew at home."

Spotting, Treating and Preventing Springtime Household Mold

It doesn't take a 100-year flood for mold to take hold. While mold is found all throughout nature, it easily grows indoors wherever there is moisture and a food source. And when it comes to food choices, mold isn't exactly picky; damp drywall, wood and cardboard will all do just fine.

Indoor mold explains why sometimes even the cleanest homes aren't springtime safe-havens against itchy, watery eyes and headaches for seasonal allergy sufferers, and against potentially severe breathing problems for asthmatics. Of the more than 100,000 types of mold, common household strains include Alternaria (often found in showers), Cladosporium (the most common outdoor fungus) and Stachybotrys (a particularly toxic black mold).

Before and during a rainy spring, homeowners need to find and seal potential entry points for moisture into the home, including seams in and around windows, roof, and basement areas. If in doubt about how and where to look, consider calling in a local mold remediation expert, then follow up a preventive, moisture barrier-forming spray like Moldex Protectant

If and when moisture does get into your home, immediately identify the moisture source. Dry and clean the area within 24 hours using both Moldex Disinfectant and Moldex Protectant.

For a full guide to household mold, including information on severe flooding and mold, visit .

About Moldex Brands

Moldex Brands products come in convenient, conventional 32-ounce trigger spray bottles as well as in concentrate form and garden hose-end sprayers for exterior use. They are safe for everyday use, indoor and outdoor, worry-free from the potential skin irritation, fabric discoloration and harmful gas emissions of bleach. Moldex Disinfectant and Moldex Protectant are the household versions of EnviroCare Corp.-pioneered, professional grade mold and mildew products home builders have trusted for years.

The complete Moldex Brands line, including deep stain removers, deck care products, and mold and mildew-proof paints are available at top retailers including Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value and Do It Best stores.

Moldex Brands is owned by Wilmington, MA-based EnviroCare Corporation.

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