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'Spiritual Champion': New Book Presents Inspirational Program for Achieving a More Spiritually Attuned Life
May 01, 2008 (08:05 AM EDT)

ELDRIDGE, Iowa, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- "Each of us has an internal desire to connect with something that brings greater significance to our lives," writes noted speaker and author Larry G. Patten. "When we consider the complexity of our bodies and the indefinable nature of love, even the most atheistic individuals must realize that a special creator is at work. However, in spite of this strong evidence, many have difficulty internalizing a real and lasting relationship with that creator. Many question the 'teachings' of modern religions.

"Often people just drift away, ignoring the obvious and losing any chance for a more highly driven spiritual life, leaving a hole that something should fill."

In his new book, "Spiritual Champion" (published by AuthorHouse -- ), Patten writes for those who crave a strong purpose in life but still lack the feeling of joy that comes from being on a journey with God. In Patten's program, you will:

-- Develop a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with God based on your true feelings rather than preconceived notions or someone else's expectations. -- Build a foundation for faith through self-discovery, upon which you will construct a framework for your future spiritual journey. -- Learn how to achieve the personal life power that will sustain your journey.

"Through this program you will learn what you must do in order to be the spiritual champion of your life," Patten writes. "You will learn how to be tolerant of others' beliefs and pursue your faith and belief in positive ways. Being a spiritual champion is not about requiring others to be in your race, but about running your spiritual race in a way that brings the crowd to you."

Larry G. Patten has published several books through AuthorHouse ( ), including his Champion Series trilogy: "Living As A Champion," "Champion Health" and "Spiritual Champion." He has also written "Strategic Organizational Development," which helps organizations move from being just great companies to being champions in their field. Two novels, "Rondine Solution" and "Count Down to Eternity," are also published by AuthorHouse ( ).

Patten is a noted speaker on organizational development and leadership, including quality systems development. He is the founder of the World Leadership Institute and has served as chancellor and president of several colleges.

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