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iLevel(R) Performance Home Educates Homebuyers on What to Look for in a Home's Structural Framing
Apr 29, 2008 (12:04 PM EDT)

REEDLEY, Calif., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- While most homebuyers do not think about their new home's structural framing, it plays a critical role in the long-term comfort, value and safety of the home. To help consumers better understand how structural framing materials and construction techniques support a high quality home, iLevel by Weyerhaeuser is building a real-life residence that demonstrates the latest advances in structural framing. The iLevel(R) Performance Home provides an opportunity to look "behind the walls" of home construction, and for homebuyers to work more closely with builders to ensure their new home meets their needs and preferences.

Located in Reedley, California, the iLevel Performance Home is being built as a real-life working case study of a typical mid-level home design. It uses advanced structural framing products, as well as innovative design and construction techniques, to improve home quality and support environmental goals such as helping reduce wood waste. The entire project is being documented via construction updates, photography and downloads online at: .

"The iLevel Performance Home provides a real-life example for consumers of how the structural framing is a critical part of their home," says Brian Greber, vice president of marketing and technology for iLevel by Weyerhaeuser. "While structural framing has often been out of sight, out of mind for homebuyers, this home and Web site help them understand the kinds of issues they need to speak with their builder about."

Specific issues homebuyers will learn about from the Performance Home include the role structural framing plays in:

-- Solid and squeak-free floors -- Straight and even walls -- Walls without cracks or nails popping up -- Stability to help resist the forces of earthquakes and high winds -- Smooth floors without gaps or bumps -- Reduced energy use -- Support of green building goals, including reduced use of construction materials

In addition to using advanced framing materials, including engineered wood products designed for strength and consistency, the home's designers used specialty software to develop optimized combinations of materials for the floors and walls. Specifically, iLevel(R) Javelin(R) design software enabled designers to work out a detailed construction plan before a single board was cut, helping ensure that only those materials necessary for a solid home were used.

Built by Generation Homes of Fresno, the iLevel Performance home is a 3,600-square foot residence in Reedley, California. To learn more about iLevel products, services and technologies, visit or call 1-888-iLevel8 (1-888-453-8358).

About iLevel by Weyerhaeuser

iLevel is Weyerhaeuser's integrated residential framing business resulting in a seamless, unified solution for residential builders through dealers -- offering a coordinated network of support for all structural framing materials. By combining Weyerhaeuser's high-quality products and services from well-known brands like Trus Joist and Structurwood, with its distribution and technology capabilities, iLevel efficiently supplies customers with all the necessary components for building the residential structural frame, and solving builder and customer needs around that frame.

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