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Kimberly McDonald Joins eWorld Entertainment, Inc. as VP of Network Marketing Operations
Apr 16, 2008 (08:04 AM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, April 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- eWorld Companies, Inc. announced today that Kimberly McDonald has been named Vice-President of Network Marketing Operations of its wholly-owned subsidiary eWorld Entertainment, Inc. Ms. McDonald will immediately take over the reins of eWorld's Customer Service department and will gradually assume greater responsibilities in other areas of operations.

Ms. McDonald has an extensive background in Information Technology, Operations, Customer Service and Telecommunications. As COO/CTO of GVCwinstar Ms. McDonald played a significant role in writing the company's Private Placement Memorandum, jump-starting the company's business plan, and transitioning the company to softswitch technology and VoIP products. Prior to GVCwinstar, Ms. McDonald was the Executive Vice President for IT and Project Management for LDMI, a Talk America Company where she led the company's successful back-office transition to an entirely new OSS infrastructure. Prior to LDMI, she was President & CEO of Multacom, a Global Network Service Provider, where she led the deployment of the first direct network from the U.S. to China to Taiwan, providing point to point data and VoIP Trans-Pacific services, with an exclusive bilateral marketing agreement with China Unicom, and was also elected Chairman of a joint venture between Multacom and China Railcom. Ms. McDonald also held the position of COO for ACN, where she led the transition of ACN's business model from "agent" to reseller, built its entire back-office infrastructure, and oversaw the conversion of all company systems and back-office support for expansion into five European countries. She also held various executive positions at IXC (now known as Broadwing), where she lead the successful launch of their OCx products, the due diligence team for M&A opportunities, and the integration of two acquisitions, and with Allnet Communications (now known as Global Crossing). Ms. McDonald studied engineering and received her Bachelors degree in Communications from the .


In response to this announcement, Henning Morales, CEO and President of eWorld Companies, Inc. commented, "We are very pleased to welcome Kim McDonald as our Vice-President of Network Marketing Operations. Ms. McDonald has an extensive background in all areas of information technology, customer service and operations, which will allow her to quickly assimilate and adapt to her new role at eWorld. We believe she is the ideal choice to oversee these vital areas of responsibility as we gear up our international expansion efforts and prepare for the upcoming launches of our eWorld Music and eWorld Productions divisions."


eWorld Companies, Inc. is an online marketing & advertising technologies company that develops and markets cutting edge technologies using rich media, flash, animation and 3D graphics to help individuals and businesses market and advertise on the Internet. eWorld Companies, Inc. markets and distributes these technologies through its wholly-owned subsidiary eWorld Entertainment, Inc. (eWorlde) and its International network of Affiliates, users and strategic partners. eWorld's unique and patented Boomerang Media Station(R), named for its ability to return to the user's screen no matter what web site you visit, is a free software program that streams rich media within the actual application and remains ever-present as the user browses the Internet, offering the user one-click access to limitless entertainment experiences and convenience benefits. eWorld's WALRUS(R) system, which is downloaded along with Boomerang, continues to work in the background to provide assistance as the user searches, surfs or shops the Net, suggesting relevant topics, products and services based on the each user's browsing and searching habits. The Company's revenue model consists of six major components: (1) Advertising Revenues; (2) Affiliation Fees; (3) Affiliate Monthly Subscriptions; (4) Product Sales; (5) Technology Licensing; and (6) International Marketing License Fees.

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