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iPharro Media Launches Real-Time Television Content Detection Portal in New York, Enters US Market
Apr 14, 2008 (08:04 AM EDT)

NEW YORK and LAS VEGAS, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- iPharro Media GmbH ( ), the European specialist for video content analysis and spinoff of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, today announced the availability of its television content detection service iPharro MediaSeeker Portal in the United States. The service will enable advertising agencies, media buyers, PR consultancies and research firms to monitor major television channels for specific content in real time with just a few clicks.

iPharro Media's patent pending video fingerprinting technology allows for automated visual content detection across multiple broadcast television channels simultaneously, enabling media professionals to pinpoint not only the exact time and channel on which that particular content is broadcast, but also what version of the content is used. The technology works with extremely high accuracy and does not require an audio track. The new fully web-based service iPharro MediaSeeker Portal puts this powerful content detection technology in the hands of organizations for which the large scale capabilities of a dedicated iPharro MediaSeeker software system is not necessary. The portal is as easy to use as any file upload on popular websites and can handle thousands of reference clips at once, each of which can be monitored for any TV appearance.

The system initially launches in the key media and advertising market of New York State. Upon launch, iPharro Media will monitor a selection of 20 major local New York and nationwide broadcast channels. The number of channels can easily be increased on customer demand.

"We see real demand in the media industry from customers looking to clarify when a specific piece of content is aired on a particular TV channel. Media buyers, for instance, want to keep track of their advertising bookings and ensure that the correct version of a commercial plays at exactly the time it was meant to air," says Joshua S. Cohen, CEO of iPharro Media. "New York is the largest local broadcast market in the US and the most important hub for the media and marketing communications industry in North America. By entering the US market here, we can reach hundreds of potential customers, not only from the advertising industry but also public relations agencies, media research firms, political consultants and even in-house communications professionals, who want to keep track of B-roll material appearing on TV."

iPharro MediaSeeker Portal is based on iPharro's proprietary video fingerprinting technology. The system analyses video streams for a set of unique, readily identifiable characteristics, summarizing results in a separate file. Hundreds of thousands of these fingerprints can be efficiently stored in a database for quick on demand comparison against live television streams. iPharro's software detects broadcast video content in real time and makes the resulting data available for further analysis. The system is highly robust and can be scaled to monitor more channels by simply adding more computing power. As the system works on industry standard server farms it is readily scalable as required.

Using iPharro MediaSeeker Portal does not require any specialized knowledge. By simply uploading a digital copy of the reference material to the user account, customers can start monitoring for that content on TV. The portal then provides the statistical data on which channel and at what time the clip was aired.

"Our technology can be used in anything from commercial booking verification to PR footage monitoring to political campaign analysis," Joshua Cohen explains. "It can detect even small changes in the content and pinpoint modifications in the video sequence, such as graphic overlays, changes in product packaging and other digital modifications. Our technology will give you the assurance that a commercial or public relations footage is aired exactly as created, for its entire length, or whether - and what - modifications were made."

iPharro Media will showcase its technology and the MediaSeeker Portal at NAB in Las Vegas, starting today. Visit iPharro at Booth SU8930 at NAB or find out more at .

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iPharro Media GmbH, a spinoff of Germany's highly reputed Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, is on the forefront of the digital asset management revolution, enabling companies along every step of the media value chain to identify, monetize and protect video content. iPharro's technology can also be used to monitor content over the Internet, mobile phones or IPTV. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Darmstadt, Germany. For further information see

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