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FurstPerson Releases Groundbreaking Research on Call Center Attrition
Apr 14, 2008 (08:04 AM EDT)

CHICAGO, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- FurstPerson, Inc., a leading provider of pre-screening and assessment tools for the call center industry, released new research on how to improve call center hiring. The report provides hiring managers with findings on how to transform the culture of attrition that plagues the call center industry.

The research based report discusses how call center attrition is driven by six business issues and three labor issues. The report is based on FurstPerson's analysis of over 4,000 call center agent hires over a twelve month period. The report quantifies the link between call center retention and time on the job. In addition, the report examines the use of pre-screening tools and their impact on reducing call center turnover. The research suggests updated Best Practices for using validated pre-screening tools to qualify call center job candidates.

"Our clients are focused on driving performance improvement for their contact center operations. Improving call center retention is a critical goal we share with our clients. This research, building on our previous work in reducing call center turnover, provides new links between time on the job, new hire attrition rate, and how the hiring process intersects these two scales. The new research demonstrates that proven assessments play a powerful role in predicting the early success of the agent," said Jeff Furst, President and CEO of FurstPerson, Inc.

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FurstPerson helps contact center organizations FIND, HIRE, and KEEP the right employees by providing contact center organizations with web based pre-screening and assessment tools. FurstPerson has worked in over 150 labor markets in the United States, Canada, India, and the Philippines covering all major call types and job positions, including home agents. FurstPerson's predictive assessments have helped clients improve new hire retention job performance.

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