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Simplify School Activity Accounting and Eliminate the Risk of Fraud With Skyward
Apr 03, 2008 (10:04 AM EDT)

STEVENS POINT, Wis., April 3, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyward, the industry-leading K-12 school administrative software provider, has developed a new web-based module for their Financial Management System. School Based Activity Accounting (SBAA) is an affordable way to record and track activity funds at each individual school with district-wide administration and audit capabilities.

Skyward's SBAA module improves efficiency and impedes fraud within a school's activity accounting. By having each school in the district with its own accounting privileges, financial transactions are managed locally at each building with oversight ability by district administration because it's an integrated module of Skyward Financial Management System.

Each building is customized and setup in the system to see only their specific vendors and charts of account. In addition, each school has the option to maintain its own bank accounts independent of the district's bank accounts. With each school having direct control of their activity funds including processing checks and receipts, each building can process all their school activity transactions immediately without requiring a separate database or cumbersome "paper shuffle" of information to the district office.

Developed specifically for School Activity Accounting, bookkeeping is simplified for processing pertinent transactions such as checks, receipts, and journal entries. Management of vendor information is easier as well as allowing each building to build their own vendor records while maintaining integration with the district's Vendor Master for consolidating process of 1099M's at the district office.

School administrators can also feel comfortable knowing their school activity funds are managed within a proven, reliable system with direct auditing capabilities from a district level. Skyward's SBAA Account Ledger Report provides a complete picture of transactions by activity for various date ranges. Administrators are also comforted knowing their school activity data is secure and backed-up since it resides within their district financial system.

Using Skyward's SBAA improves the management of activity funds and alleviates the risk of high profile fraud in school district's activity accounting.

Since 1980, Skyward has been serving the K-12 Administrative software needs of school districts. Today, Skyward's School Management Systems(TM) are found in over 1,200 school districts throughout the United States and internationally. Skyward's School Management System represents an integrated student and financial management software system designed to keep administrators, educators, and families connected. Skyward has ten offices around the country. In addition to their corporate headquarters located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, they have nine regional offices located in, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas (Austin and Dallas) and Wisconsin (Madison and Stevens Point).

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