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'The Enigmatic Voice of God': Author Recounts Extraordinary Experiences, Revelations from a Higher Power
Mar 19, 2008 (08:03 AM EDT)

PALO CEDRO, Calif., March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- At the young age of 25, Dr. Rev. Narayan Uchigaki began to seek the salvation of humanity by immersing himself in religious training, philosophy and science. After all of his studies, Rev. Uchigaki came to a very crucial realization: The actualization of Myth held the key to the salvation of humanity.

Rev. Uchigaki explores this realization in his revealing and thought-provoking new book, "The Enigmatic Voice of God: A Research on Myth" (published by AuthorHouse -- ).

"The Enigmatic Voice of God" shares Rev. Uchigaki's own extraordinary experiences and revelations from God, including phenomenal accounts of hearing God's voice and comprehensive looks at trends of behavior in society that threaten a barbaric future unless reversed:

Mankind gets too busy with their own lives, and tends to forget its connection with things of this universe, and their minds are far away from "the Chain of Being." Ancient men lived their lives together with the universe. Contemporary culture has rejected the idea of the chain of being. It has isolated itself with the anthropocentric rational intellect.

In searching for a solution to this societal problem, Rev. Uchigaki has examined the major philosophies of the world in-depth. His studies have led him to dedicate a large portion of the book to making the argument for returning to myth and poetry. Rev. Uchigaki uses the terms "myth" and "poetry" to mean much more than just mere stories of mythology and collections of poems. His myth includes "a peaceful state of mind based on transparent explanations of that which is otherwise not explained," while his poetry includes harmony, including a harmony with nature.

"Myth and poetry have a place in both science and philosophy," Rev. Uchigaki points out. "If society were to adopt both, we could avoid a barbaric future and live in harmony."

Born in Japan to Shinto ministers, Uchigaki began his career as a Shinto and Hindu minister at an early age. By his early 30s he had published a trilogy which was presented to the emperor of Japan. At age 33 he founded the Nippon Vedanta Society, becoming the first minister in Japan to establish a Hindu religious co-operative. He went on to found six cultural exchange centers in India and an orphanage in Bangladesh to accommodate war orphans and their mothers. Upon receiving a heavenly revelation, he came to the U.S. in 1975 and later founded an American chapter of the society. He has received much recognition for his contributions to philosophy and religion, including the prestigious Japan Culture Promotion Association Social-Cultural Award in 1995.

"The Enigmatic Voice of God" is Dr. Uchigaki's second book in English. He is also the author of "Transparent Reality" and over 20 books written in Japanese.

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