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Nectar Debuts Enterprise Session Management Solution
Mar 19, 2008 (10:03 AM EDT)

ORLANDO, Fla., March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- VoiceCon Booth 1105 -- Nectar Services Corp., an IP communications and management services provider, wholly- owned subsidiary of Juma Technology Corp. , today officially debuted its Enterprise Session Management platform (ESM). The nectar/ESM solution provides carrier-class functionality, intelligent call routing and connects disparate phone systems to deliver enormous benefits to multi- location, enterprise customers.

The nectar/ESM platform employs carrier-class routing and session management functionality using a simple and intuitive web-based application.

With the solution, hundreds or even thousands of disparate PBXs are transformed to a unified enterprise telephony platform with intelligent call routing, revolutionary business continuity features and dramatic carrier- service cost reductions.

These interconnection capabilities, combined with the nectar/ESM interface, provides for global visibility and management of all voice traffic from the Nectar web portal.

"This solution completely changes how large enterprise customers handle telecommunications," said Albert Rodriguez, Vice-President of Product Management for Nectar. "Our nectar/ESM platform has the ability to interconnect disparate, hybrid PBX and IP PBX deployments while initiating policy based routing and capacity on demand. This intuitive interface enables our clients to take full advantage both carrier-class services and IP telephony."

"The nectar/ESM platform delivers tremendous value to large enterprise organizations as they transition to IP-convergence and unified communications," said Anthony Servidio, CEO and Chairman of Juma Technology, Nectar's parent company. "Our solution truly adds comfort to clients looking for the best solution and delivers a team of professionals with the know-how and experience to guide enterprise customers through this entire process."

A Smooth Transition to VoIP with nectar/ESM

The nectar/ESM platform enables businesses to accelerate their transition to VoIP without discarding existing telephony infrastructures. The solution interconnects disparate systems and locations using SIP or H.323 based gateways to create a unified architecture; preserving telecom investments while providing the benefits of IP telephony.

Intelligent Call Routing, Centralized Resources Provide Enormous Cost Savings

With carrier-class call routing and session management capabilities, the nectar/ESM solution provides enormous cost savings on telecom expenses.

"On-Net" Calling with nectar/ESM provides enterprises with the ability to move calls between offices using the corporate WAN. This dynamic "on-net" capability bypasses all inherent metered toll charges from traditional carriers.

Best Decision Routing enables enterprise organizations to adopt policy based routing to leverage cost, quality and business rules for all inbound and outbound calls routed by ESM. The nectar/ESM platform allows for the mixture of different carrier rates, cellular bypass and on-net calling, which enables calls to be placed using the most cost-effective route even when entering the PSTN or Cellular networks. Different Quality of Service (QoS) policies based on business requirements can be used to override cost when quality is more important.

Trunk Reduction is achieved by the centralization of dial tone access and capacity on demand. These resources are now shared throughout the organization to optimize utilization and drive down monthly recurring expense.

Branch Solution Delivered by nectar/ESM

The nectar/ESM platform solves a specific problem for branch offices and retail chains. Communications between branches and chains remains archaic, because of the stand-alone systems supporting each location. With nectar/ESM, hundreds of locations can now be unified without large upfront equipment expenses. This enables communication between the branches to improve customer support and centralizes resources to eliminate over-trunking. ESM allows calls to be centrally routed to and from branch locations assuring that customers are connected to the best resource regardless of the number dialed.

Global Enterprise Terex Corp Recognizes Benefits of nectar/ESM

Nectar has been working closely with Terex Corporation , a global manufacturer of capital equipment to pilot the solution, which brings together a unified view into their interconnected PBX and IP PBX systems, as well as Best Decision Routing and quality assurance capabilities.

"At this point in our engagement, the Nectar solution has already demonstrated great value to our global company," said Robert Mays, Director of Global Infrastructure of Terex Corporation. "We are extremely pleased with the solution's interoperability, which has delivered on a promise of unifying disparate PBX systems, and will soon enable a truly converged, global telecom network for our company once fully deployed."

About Nectar Services Corp.

Nectar ( ), formally AGN Networks, is an IP communications and management services provider that preserves customer investments in existing telecommunications systems while transitioning to VoIP. Nectar, a subsidiary of Juma Technology Corp , provides Enterprise Session Management (ESM), Hosted Telephony Services (HTS) and a Converged Management Platform (CMP). Nectar's innovative solutions deliver significant cost savings, inherent business continuity, intelligent call- routing and the centralization of both applications and management.

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