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'Revelations of a Mercenary': Special Forces Unit General Shares Truth Behind Wars of the World, Foretold Path to Earth's Destruction
Mar 17, 2008 (08:03 AM EDT)

APOLLO BEACH, Fla., March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- You may follow the ongoing global conflicts in the news each day, and you may think you have at least somewhat of a grasp on why and how these conflicts -- all over the world, but particularly in the Middle East -- continue to thrive after so long. However, according to Gen. Robert Hausmann, forces have long conspired to mislead the public, and you don't know the half of it.

Using his many years spent studying ancient religious texts, Gen. Hausmann presents readers with the truth behind our war torn planet and solutions for deterring Earth from its path for destruction in his new book, "2014 -- Judgement Day: Revelations of a Mercenary" (published by Author House -- ).

Gen. Hausmann, whose title stems from his rank in an international special forces unit with only one objective -- to study and eliminate future religious tyrants who seek world domination -- wants the public to realize that they have been misled for centuries, "in order to make present and future military conflicts possible." The book goes on to explain why "the root of all present conflicts is the fact that for centuries churches have been allowed to act as governments, or have massively interfered with them."

"Many churches today are pseudo-churches, who are seeking military objectives," writes Gen. Hausmann. "These churches must be stopped immediately, but present militaries are not the right tool to accomplish that."

What is the right tool? Gen. Hausmann reveals that, in 1983, a special international unit was formed "to stop the inevitable madness, when its time would come." According to the author, that time is now. Gen. Hausmann calls out to all of his readers to support this new movement "in order to guarantee a safe and successful future for the next generations."

It is Gen. Hausmann's prediction that there will be a horrifying world war in the year 2014 that may possibly eliminate most of mankind. He makes it known, however, that there is an ancient text with God's instructions on how to prevent this manmade catastrophe.

And the revelations don't stop there. In the near future, Gen. Hausmann plans to publish several additional chapters of the original Bible. He has extensively studied these chapters, which he says "were deliberately omitted by the first church council of 532 A.D., when the present bible was created."

Gen. Robert Hausmann has traveled the world extensively and spent a considerable amount of time in places of biblical significance, now the centers of many political, religious and military conflicts. He has studied the sources of these conflicts for many years.

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