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eWorld Companies, Inc. Describes Unique Qualities of Its Proprietary Technologies
Feb 20, 2008 (08:02 AM EST)

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- eWorld Companies, Inc. released today its most detailed perspective to date on the unique features of its proprietary technologies. eWorld has developed a dynamic, scalable and proprietary online delivery platform that includes an online HD quality video streaming player. The video player is accessible only through eWorld's Boomerang Media Station(TM), a free downloadable software that is loaded with features designed to provide users with ready access to all the Internet's top entertainment, news, sports and online gaming sites, as well as to exclusive programming available only through eWorld's PlayTV(TM) online broadcasting network.

More specifically, eWorld's proprietary, patent-pending technology provides three unique breakthroughs: (1) It revolutionizes online ad serving; (2) It delivers the first online HD quality video streaming platform called Boomerang Media Station; and (3) It acts like a "dashboard" that helps users to more easily and freely access and organize their total online experience including the downloading and uploading of music videos, movies, movie trailers and streaming video content.

eWorld's software will provide direct benefit for end users, for advertisers, and for film makers, distributors, independent music artists and other streaming content providers.. End users will enjoy picture perfect, full screen, online streaming video at 30 frames per second, with no buffering time and no more fuzzy, scratchy, jerky online video. eWorld's downloadable "dashboard" allows users to simultaneously search on any website (Google, Yahoo, etc.) while the HD quality video stream is running. This will allow users to access online streaming video as well as other favorite online sites more easily and freely, and will also allow them access to specialized, engaging and targeted video content that can't be found anywhere else.

Advertisers will benefit from Boomerang's "always visible" delivery platform since their messages remain visible on the viewer's screen no matter which website the user is visiting. Additionally, when a Boomerang user performs a search using any of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) the user receives eWorld Advertisers' search ads in a separate left-hand menu concurrently with the normal search results.

Independent film makers, musicians, and streaming video producers can use Boomerang to quickly and inexpensively showcase and promote their content. Friends, fans and family simply download the free Boomerang from any artist's website, which gives them access to eWorld's entire library of content. Providers are able to present new content to their fan base instantly with on-the-fly uploads, and when their fans access Boomerang the default content presented is that individual artist's own content. Artists also benefit from mass exposure to all other Boomerang users, in addition to sharing all advertising and click-through revenues generated from all sources through all downloads of their personal Boomerang, in effect turning their MySpace and YouTube fan clubs into lucrative profit centers.

Henning Morales, CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc. commented, "We believe that Boomerang Media Station and PlayTV offer unique features and benefits that will revolutionize the way people use the Internet for entertainment, attract a wide range of online advertisers and marketers, and allow eWorld to quickly establish itself not only as a 'next generation' entertainment provider and deliverer, but also as a major player in online advertising and ecommerce."


eWorld Companies, Inc. is an online marketing & advertising technologies company that develops and markets cutting edge technologies using rich media, flash, animation and 3D graphics to help individuals and businesses market and advertise on the Internet. eWorld's distinctive online marketing and advertising abilities, coupled with their patent-pending and proprietary technologies, place eWorld in the forefront of what many industry insiders are calling the most exciting evolution in entertainment since the invention of television. The Company's patent-pending Boomerang Media System is a free software download that functions as "Guide to the Internet," providing immediate access to the Internet's hottest entertainment and gaming sites and displaying movies, music videos and other streaming content in state-of-the-art "near High Def" resolution. The Company also boasts its own content-production network called "PlayTV", has already secured agreements with a wide range of strategic partners and content providers, and plans to launch a 24-hour broadcast network over the Boomerang in early 2008. According to CEO and President Henning Morales, "eWorld's goal is nothing less than to become the 'HBO and the MTV of the Internet.'" eWorld's revenue model consists of six components: (1) advertising revenues; (2) affiliation fees; (3) affiliate monthly subscriptions; (4) product sales; (5) technology licensing; and (6) international marketing licensing fees.

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