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National Law Firm Chooses ROBObak Data Protection System To Safeguard Information at Branch Offices Across America
Feb 15, 2008 (08:02 AM EST)

ATLANTA, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- ROBObak(TM), a provider of data protection solution software aimed at remote and branch offices, today announced that Ford & Harrison, a national legal practice in all aspects of labor and employment law with 18 offices and close to 200 lawyers located across the country, has chosen the ROBObak data protection system to centralize its data backup and recovery.

Like many companies, Ford & Harrison's remote offices from New York to Los Angeles faced multiple technology challenges in effectively protecting multiple terabytes of sensitive data from its clients prior to implementing ROBObak. "Each of our offices was having trouble backing up their data on tape. It was not working for a number of reasons," said Michael Gallagher, Ford & Harrison's Director of Information Technology.

"We ended up with multiple formats of tape drives in our offices, which meant we needed additional drives in our headquarters, and that was only the start," he said. "Getting someone to regularly load and change tapes at each of our remote offices was difficult. We needed to have those tapes shipped to Atlanta, which was a challenge because of the sensitive information contained on each one. And finding the appropriate tape, when a lawyer accidentally deleted or edited over a file, was also a problem."

ROBObak solves those challenges for Ford & Harrison, as well as companies that are located across multiple remote and branch offices. They are firms that must protect and quickly restore crucial information. Offering point- and-click, browser-based simplicity and flexible deployment options, ROBObak is designed for firms where protecting remote data has, all too often, been either overlooked or ignored in the past.

The ROBObak software suite is comprised of four separate, yet integrated, parts:

-- ROBObak - ROBObak software automatically handles backup and restore for both local and remote branch offices. -- ROBObak Open File Manager - Active files are backed up, enabling up- to-the-second protection. -- ROBO Encryption Manager - Using the most sophisticated algorithms available in the marketplace, ROBO Encryption Manager encrypts all the files it backs up. All data assets are securely delivered to the central hub where they ultimately reside. -- ROBOark - Once files have been securely backed up, ROBOark provides an easy-to-use archiving system to ensure round-the-clock access to all valuable information.

Sold through resellers and systems integrators, ROBObak is powerful enough to protect information throughout the enterprise from the data center down, yet flexible enough to easily deploy at multiple locations for a centralized protection plan. Since its introduction last year, companies of all sizes throughout North America have adopted the ROBObak suite, safeguarding more than one petabyte of data ... the equivalent of all the information contained in the Library of Congress, 180 times over.

At Ford & Harrison, Gallagher says he expects to have ROBObak rolled out at each of the firm's 18 offices, also using it to implement a centralized co- location site near the firm's Memphis branch, to which data can be electronically transmitted. "I recommend ROBObak. There are certain areas where I don't mind being a pioneer; storage is generally not one of them," he says. "But with ROBObak, I know I made the right decision."

Retail pricing for the ROBObak data protection suite begins at less than $10,000. More information is available from the company's website, .

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