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StayinFront Joins HP Developer & Solution Partner Program
Jan 14, 2008 (12:01 PM EST)

FAIRFIELD, N.J., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- StayinFront, Inc., a global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services, sample inventory management solutions and eBusiness systems, today announced it has been accepted into the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP). The DSPP is designed to enable independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators, developers and consultants to work collaboratively to more effectively address customer needs.

As part of the DSPP, StayinFront gains the ability to showcase its products and services via an online catalog that reaches customers, interest groups and networks. The company can leverage HP's configuration assistance, technical seminars and remote and onsite access to customized systems, including help with porting, migration, testing and optimization. The HP DSPP is aligned with StayinFront's global presence, through offices in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and North America.

Tony Bullen, executive vice president and chief technology officer, StayinFront, commented, "Being accepted into this program strengthens our knowledge of HP's information technology solutions, which, in turn, can benefit our mutual customers. The StayinFront team is excited to be part of the HP DSPP and we're looking forward to a long-term working relationship."

StayinFront plans on testing their software applications on various HP products including servers, notebook and tablet PCs, and mobile devices. "StayinFront's product architecture is very flexible and adapts well to a variety of deployment options. We're also looking forward to working with HP to promote our unique technology and document valuable results in ongoing benchmark studies," said Bullen.

About StayinFront CRM

Designed to provide a single technology platform that manages and integrates all aspects of customer interaction, including sales, marketing, and customer support, StayinFront CRM is an enterprise-wide "exact fit" solution. Rapidly configured to meet the specific needs of each client, StayinFront CRM's unique product architecture can integrate into existing business processes without costly and time-consuming programming and development.

StayinFront CRM can be delivered as a hosted application or installed on a corporate network. StayinFront CRM also supports a wide variety of mobile devices, such as tablet PCs, laptops and Pocket PCs, to ensure seamless productivity support for field forces.

About StayinFront, Inc.

StayinFront, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services and eBusiness systems. StayinFront offers rapidly configured and implemented solutions and services to manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing and customer support.

StayinFront has been chosen globally as a strategic CRM partner by many of the world's top life sciences, consumer goods, financial services and business-to-business companies, and StayinFront solutions have been implemented in over 20 countries in 12 languages.

StayinFront's flexible product architecture, object-oriented data modeling and range of deployment options provide an "exact fit" solution to help drive business processes, better manage the administrative functions of the system and lower ongoing costs of ownership.

StayinFront also offers a range of support services, including StayinFront Data Quality Services, to improve, standardize, augment and further leverage the informational assets contained in proprietary databases.

Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Illinois, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, India, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The company can be contacted via the web at .

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