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Valentine's Day Romances Its Way to Internet Fraud
Jan 08, 2008 (08:01 AM EST)

MENLO PARK, Calif., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The next time you give your significant other online pictures of yourself, beware. He or she could be posting your images to a fictitious page on a social network, inviting strangers to gain access to your personal information, likeness, and online identity. That's what happened to Salina Rahim.

Called "Cyberjacking," a man Salina dated a few times posted her photos as well as non-related inappropriate video content on MySpace. Dozens of men responded asking her to get together, date and fill their romantic and love interests. According to ReputationDefender, Inc., the market leader in end-to-end online privacy, security and identity management solutions, bogus online pages on social networks can cause serious violations of personal privacy and take months to take down from the Internet.

"An individual's online identity can be adversly affected by online harassment and can be violated far too easily," states ReputationDefender CEO and Founder Michael Fertik. "This time of year, individuals should use caution when they distribute personal items like photographs. We were able to erase Salina's fake online profile to save her identity from being tattooed on the Internet."

"It was devastating to see the phony profile," adds Rahim. "Lots of employers are looking on the web today too, evaluating new candidates. ReputationDefender quickly removed the page and cancelled the account that was falsely created."

Founded in 2006, ReputationDefender's product suite consists of MyReputation, MyPrivacy, MyChild and MyEdge. The Company focuses wholly on preserving the personal privacy and reputation of its worldwide customer base and their children. ReputationDefender, Inc. is privately funded and headquartered in Menlo Park, California. To learn more about ReputationDefender, please visit or email info [at] reputationdefender [dot] com.

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