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American Chemical Society Debuts Bytesize Science - A New Podcast for Young Listeners
Dec 28, 2007 (12:12 PM EST)

WASHINGTON, Dec. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Chemical Society (ACS) Office of Communications has launched Bytesize Science, an educational, entertaining podcast for young listeners. Like the flying car, Anglia, in the Harry Potter films, Bytesize Science transports kids, teachers, and other listeners into a real-life world realm where science is the enchantment.

Bytesize Science translates cutting-edge scientific discoveries from ACS' 36 peer-reviewed journals into stories for young listeners about science, health, medicine, energy, food, and other topics. It includes content from Chemical & Engineering News, ACS' weekly news magazine.

New installments of Bytesize Science are posted every Monday and available without charge. The archive includes items on environmental threats to killer whales, a scientific explanation for why some people love chocolate, some unlikely new uses for compact discs, and a hairy tale about "hairy roots."

The podcaster for Bytesize Science is Adam Dylewski, an ACS science writer and recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in genetics and science communication. Dylewski spent his college career immersed in science and journalism, writing down-to-earth explanations of vital discoveries as a weekly science columnist for The Daily Cardinal, UW-Madison's student newspaper. Later, he continued to translate science news as a reporter for UW-Madison's Communications office and for The Why Files, an award-winning science news site with a witty, fun edge.

Podcasting is an increasingly popular way of accessing news, information, and entertainment content from the Internet. The term was derived from Apple's "iPod," a portable digital audio and video player, and "broadcasting." Podcasts allow users to subscribe to a "feed" and receive new files automatically whenever posted to the Internet.

The American Chemical Society -- the world's largest scientific society -- is a non-profit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. With more than 160,000 members, ACS is the world's largest scientific society. Its main offices are in Washington D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.

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