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Chinese Piracy Still Problematic in China Despite Microsoft's 'Pirate-proof' Vista System; IT Industry Today Offers Extended News Coverage
Dec 27, 2007 (12:12 PM EST)

Although China has come a long way to fight piracy at home, there is still considerable room for improvement, according to Microsoft. To read more about piracy or the computer industry in China, go to IT Industry Today at .

Since most operating systems developed by Microsoft contribute up to 80% of their selling price to the bottom line, this increases the company's profitability and desire to pursue software pirates. The company's new system - Vista - is supposedly harder to pirate, and Microsoft is already making improvements on the program to further hinder illegal copying.

Still, despite the Chinese government's new measures, computers are still sold without operating systems so that customers can choose either a legal or pirated copy to be installed.

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