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Dec 12, 2007 (10:12 AM EST)

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Video News Live, a user driven video community site for people to discover and compare all sides of video media, today officially launched its service which allows people to watch and share new media (user generated content) and mainstream video clips at . With the high demand for online video, whether its user generated or mainstream media, Video News Live combines both types of video content in an easy and manageable central location. Video News Live gives users the ability to evaluate all aspects of a specific topic and to create a balanced opinion of their own.

Video News Live currently surfaces more than 150,000 videos from mainstream providers to its users, while user generated video content is being added everyday.

"I had the idea of Video News Live when I wanted a site where I could find new media and mainstream media content about a specific topic that interested me," said Fred Chamanara, Co-Founder and Chief Architect.

"Developing a system that allows people to be more informed by integrating numerous sources of video content, ultimately leaving it up to them to create a balanced opinion, is exciting," said Brandon Bango, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer.

Watch Videos that Interest You

Each user that visits Video News Live has the ability to view video content from multiple sources by selecting videos that are currently on the most popular page, browsing through the most recent page, using the search function or browsing a specific category, mainstream provider or user channel. The most popular page is generated and actively updated throughout each day by ranking the most popular videos on the site. Video News Live currently has more than 35 different mainstream providers ranging from CNN and Fox to and Users can suggest new providers to be added to the site to offer more of a selection to the community. Video News Live supports the upload of user generated video content that is instantly converted into a common flash format viewable on every Web browser. As Video News Live gains popularity, the user generated content continues to grow.

New features are continually being developed and improved on and the user experience will be fun, easy and valuable as Video News Live grows and differentiates itself from other video media sites.

CONTACT: Fred Chamanara of Video News Live, +1-703-786-2656,

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