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ClickSoftware Unveils Next Generation Mobility Solution for the Real-Time Service Enterprise
Dec 12, 2007 (08:12 AM EST)

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, December 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. , the leading provider of mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions, today unveiled a new and significantly enhanced version of its ClickMobile product, which helps companies make smart decisions in real-time, improving service efficiency and revenues. New, easy-to-use features, which support just about every step of handling the work order, provide the technician of the future with a portable office to work more productively. Simultaneously, dispatchers and managers are equipped with a set of real-time monitoring tools, increasing their ability to make informed decisions in real-time.

Unlike other products however, ClickMobile does not stop there. In conjunction with ClickSoftware's ClickSchedule automated workforce scheduling software, ClickMobile enables those organizations to graduate to real-time automated, optimized mobile workforce management that drives higher efficiencies and service responsiveness, thus taking mobility solutions to a whole new level.

"We recognized that having an integrated solution for optimized scheduling and mobility would result in many benefits for our organization both now and in the future," said Dr. Loftur R. Gissurarson, Director of Internal Control and Quality, Reykjavik Energy. "We were suitably impressed with the wealth of features and functionality of ClickSoftware's new mobile product and with their proven track record of successfully delivering mobile workforce management solutions. ClickMobile will connect workers in the field to headquarters giving them up-to-the-minute scheduling changes as well as a paperless means of receiving and reporting on work completed to improve efficiency."

"Many organizations rely on cell phones and GPS maps for mobile workforce management but those approaches focus solely on data transfer leaving the implied decisions to human manual processing," said ClickSoftware's Chairman and CEO Dr. Moshe BenBassat. "With even a small workforce of tens of technicians, reacting adequately and in real time to the constant stream of field data is well beyond the capabilities of any human brain. With the release of this new version of ClickMobile, we offer the ability to act in real-time on this field data and produce optimal decisions for resource allocation and job scheduling."

The new version of ClickMobile is built upon the latest Microsoft mobility infrastructure enabling vital field activities from the moment a task is dispatched to final completion and reporting.

Key new features include:

- Complete range of supported devices: from simple cell-phones and smartphones to handheld devices and portable computers;

- Tight integration with ClickSchedule and ClickSoftware's entire ServiceOptimization Suite;

- Variety of job dispatching methods - smart push, drip feed, daily or weekly view, and more - according to your business processes;

- Real-time optimization - reacting to changing events in the field;

- Full support for work-order related activities - real-time updates, automatic acknowledgement, customer history, spare parts, work details, completion details, billing process, signature capture, printing invoices and more;

- Ability to download and upload file attachments;

- Cross organization messaging system for fast, low cost communication;

- Powerful configuration - different forms based on different jobs, input validations, configurable colors, icons, layouts, audible alerts, visual notifiers, shortcuts, and many more;

- Multi-lingual support;

- Highly scalable and secure connections;

- Built-in integration to technologies such as GPRS modem, GPS, phones, mobile printers and more;

- Integration to back office systems for a variety of uses such as billing, recording timesheets, as well as signature capture;

- Ability to centrally configure and push software updates to all mobile users remotely, without having to perform updates to each mobile device individually.

Organizations can be sure of the accuracy of the information exchanged between headquarters and technicians in the field because changes made in ClickMobile automatically appear in ClickSchedule, and vice versa. That's because both applications share the same business objects, databases and logic workflows. Such integration saves companies the time and costs of errors from manual reporting and scheduling operations.

Some of ClickMobile's key benefits include:

- Real-time monitoring and optimization of field resources and activities;

- Automatic rescheduling to meet customer commitments;

- Reduces administrative costs associated with time-consuming paperwork and phone calls;

- Reduces operational costs associated with excessive travel time, repeat visits and idle time;

- Enables real time optimization for better utilization in a dynamic service environment;

- Shortens service lead times yielding improved customer satisfaction and loyalty;

- Low total cost of ownership due to the fact that ClickMobile shares business objects, databases and logic workflows with ClickSchedule. Every change is automatically applicable to both solutions.

"Leveraging the powerful Microsoft mobility infrastructure and tight integration with our ServiceOptimization Suite, our uniqueness relative to the competition is a product that, on the one hand, offers a powerful portable office for the technician, and, on the other hand, equips the organization with real-time optimization capabilities that keep the schedule continually optimized along with fast response to emergency situations. It is the compelling nature of this combination (optimized scheduling and mobility on the same architecture) that has seen a number of clients, new and existing, select the new ClickMobile," Dr. BenBassat continued.

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