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Entessa Releases Synthesis(TM) R4.0 With Marine Operations Focus
Dec 12, 2007 (08:12 AM EST)

HOUSTON, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Entessa, a leading software solutions and services provider for the Oil and Gas Industry, today announced a new release of its Supply Chain Management Software, Synthesis(TM). Synthesis(TM) is the only comprehensive supply chain management application that is specifically designed for the logistics providers in the oil and gas industries. It is the market leading application for managing the movement and storage of oil and gas for pipeline operators, terminal operators and refiners.

The fourth major release of Synthesis(TM) is being deployed on a broad scale and is available to all of Entessa's licensed customers. This release represents a milestone in the Synthesis(TM) lifecycle since all of Entessa's customers will be receiving new features and enhancements in the same release with unprecedented speed and quality. While functionality was added across all areas of the application, the majority of the Release 4.0 enhancements profited marine operations. These enhancements provide benefits such as increased operating efficiencies, better control over vessel and dock scheduling, improved asset management and increases in business intelligence. One of the largest marine terminal operators in the world is using Synthesis(TM) to reduce its demurrage costs through improved control of marine operations and by ensuring that its vessel and dock schedules are synchronized and optimized with its refinery production plans.

"Because Synthesis(TM) supports all of the logistics areas in the Oil & Gas industry, the marine capability only represents approximately 25% of the total capability of Synthesis(TM). We used the fourth major release of Synthesis(TM) as an opportunity to increase our ability to support our marine customers by further enhancing an important part of an already market-leading application. Our next focus will be on improving the capabilities for crude pipeline operators and pipeline daily scheduling," said Brian Freed, President of Entessa.

Synthesis(TM) is a comprehensive supply chain management application that helps companies to manage the logistics of transporting and storing oil and gas with greater efficiency through improved controls and visibility than was previously possible. In addition to managing pipelines and terminals, Synthesis(TM) is currently used to schedule vessel and barge movements, schedule docks, track and manage all marine terminal activity, and manage demurrage.

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Entessa is a leading provider of supply chain management solutions and technology consulting services for the Oil and Gas industry. Entessa assists Oil & Gas companies in achieving improved efficiencies, increased operational control and enhanced customer services through its market leading software application, Synthesis(TM), which it develops, implements and supports. Entessa is headquartered in Houston, TX and has offices in San Francisco and Dallas. For more information on Entessa, please visit our Web site at .

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