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Diagnostic Turnaround Improved by 600% Through Interoperability
Nov 26, 2007 (08:11 AM EST)

CHICAGO, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- RSNA Booth #5924 -- Compressus Inc. and Advanced Radiology Consultants, S.C. (ARC), a 22 physician radiology group in Illinois, announced today that ARC has improved physician efficiency and patient safety, reduced unnecessary and duplicative tests, and decreased diagnostic turnaround time by 600% through interoperability. The announcement was made here at 93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), November 25-30, 2007.

Supporting 11 facilities with 22 board certified radiologists, ARC reads and creates diagnostic reports for more than 300,000 medical imaging exams a year. The interoperability implementation involved the installation of a spectrum of Compressus' MEDxConnect System components, designed to enable seamless integration of disparate information systems and provide users the freedom to select best of breed PACS, HIS/RIS, EMS and CIS tools, regardless of vendor.

"Physician efficiency and improved diagnostic turnaround is critical not only to address the growing demand for imaging services, but also to improve patient safety and outcomes. ARC recently completed the initial implementation of the MEDxConnect Enterprise Systems Integration solution from Compressus, designed to seamlessly connect all of our systems so we can fully leverage physicians' subspecialty expertise and get the right images to the right physician regardless of where they were generated or where across our network the physician may be located," according to John Anastos, MD, chairman of radiology at Advocate Lutheran Hospital and president of ARC.

Phase one of the implementation supported Parkside Imaging, Parkside MR, ARP Buffalo Grove and Oakmill Imaging. Results from the initial implementation include:

Reduced Diagnostic Turnaround: use of the MEDxConnect System reduced the turnaround time from when patient scans were acquired to when completed reports were delivered to referring physicians from 18 hours to three -- a 600% improvement. Designed to efficiently manage the diagnostic radiological services for clients from multiple referring organizations, the MEDxConnect System implementation enables the ability to retrieve and store diagnostic images on DICOM archives, the ability to manage activities via a patient work list generated from multiple PACS or network systems, and the ability to route images to participating physicians based upon any combination of modality, body part, and/or referring physician. Finally, to maximize productivity and reduce spikes in workload, physicians have the ability to access patients work lists throughout the network.

Improved Access to Patient Information: 70% of all studies now have priors automatically pre-fetched without staff involvement. The MEDxConnect solution enables users to automatically pull all types of patient information, including historical and demographic data, prior reports and images, and physicians' notes from disparate information and imaging systems, irrespective of vendor and distribute it to the appropriate physicians in real-time. The result is a robust and cost-effective solution that facilitates improved efficiency and improved patient care.

Improved Patient Safety: 20% of studies have additional priors and more complete patient data as a result of automated pre-fetching. Many of these studies may have been overlooked because the information systems did not or could not associate the data with the patient. Improved access to this information may significantly decrease duplicative or unnecessary exams due to incidentalomas.

The MEDxConnect System acts as a communications hub, enabling various PACS, HIS, RIS and other data information systems to connect and communicate across the Enterprise. Utilizing HL7, DICOM, and other standards, the System helps control the flow of images, reports, messages, standard patient demographics and other important data for diagnosis and treatment planning of a patient between otherwise independent and disparate systems.

The integrated imaging and data management solution from Compressus is designed to support a facility's current and expanded workload and provide an infrastructure for sustained growth. Building the functionality required for remote connectivity, the system enables users to access diagnostic images and reports in the existing data stores at each facility, increasing the level of medical care while reducing the associated costs.

According to Dr. Anastos, ARC plans to implement the MEDxConnect solution throughout the entire ARC network based on results of the first phase. "Until we completed phase one, we could only guess how dramatic the results of true interoperability would really be. Not only are we delivering more efficient care, but with improved access to patient information and fewer handoffs, which can result in human error and re-work, we are offering better, safer care to our patients," Dr. Anastos added.

"Advanced Radiology Consultants are leading the way as medical imaging continues to evolve from film to computer based reads and now to virtual networks that connect across multiple sites and systems," said Janine Broda, vice president and general manager for Compressus Medical Solutions Division. "We are proud to work with ARC to pioneer true interoperability and demonstrate that MEDxConnect delivers unprecedented connectivity in real clinical environments, opening the door to more efficient and safer patient care."

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