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Driving the Creative Arts in HiPiHi: 3-Way Partnership Between HiPiHi, Centric, and 3Di
Nov 20, 2007 (08:11 AM EST)

BEIJING, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- HiPiHi, China's pioneer of 3D virtual worlds, today announced a 3-way partnership with Centric, an interactive agency focusing on social media and virtual worlds, and 3Di, the Japan-based virtual world services provider. The focus of this partnership will be on creative arts inside the HiPiHi virtual world.

Centric, the Agency of Change, is an interactive agency working in social media and virtual worlds, with a strong focus on both US and Asian business. Centric is based in Hollywood, and maintains offices in Shanghai and Tokyo.

3Di is a virtual world services provider and is currently extending its capabilities towards supporting the entire value chain of the global virtual world industry. 3Di's recent projects include Jin-sei, the first virtual worlds platform developed in cooperation with the open source community and Movable Life, a system that allows users access to Second Life(R) using only a web browser.

The potential of the virtual world medium, for creative arts and video production, is gaining in prominence and adoption around the world. Virtual worlds are unconsciously reconstructing the ecology of the creative industry, the mode of media production and artistic creation are undergoing subtle but meaningful changes and all these represent the emergence of new business opportunities.

It is this change that forms the basis of the partnership between HiPiHi, Centric and 3Di. Centric will leverage their rich experience in Hollywood to bring internationally renowned projects into HiPiHi and promote it as an international platform for creative expression. 3Di's strengths in content and service development will ensure creative ideas achieve their full potential. Being China's first virtual world platform, HiPiHi's industry leadership position and huge market potential will also greatly raise the standards and scale of Centric and 3Di's virtual world service capabilities and provide greater potential for future development opportunities.

HiPiHi founder and CEO XU Hui said, "Virtual worlds open up new possibilities to redefine the mode of artistic/cultural production and creative expression, transcending the distance between art works and spectators, constructing a brand new interactive instrument of artistic creation and expression. Centric and 3Di will bring artistic creativity and cutting-edge media production technologies from Western culture into the HiPiHi world. This mix of Western-Oriental artistic and cultural fusion and exchange, in a virtual world medium that cuts through space-time constraints, is about to begin and give rise to amazing and wondrous opportunities. The eventual benefit in all these activities will far exceed any economical value affixed to it and will be a significant innovation in terms of fusing art and information technology."

Toshitaka Jiku, 3Di's executive vice president and CTO, said, "Through this partnership, 3Di will be entering the Chinese market for the first time. We agree with HiPiHi's vision that there are no boundaries in virtual worlds, but a great power in connecting people from different cultural backgrounds. This partnership between a Japanese, Chinese, and American company is an attempt at breaking through geographical, racial, and cultural barriers."

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