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Social Networking for Surfers
Nov 15, 2007 (08:11 AM EST)

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Surf Buds has launched a social networking service targeted at the surfing community. Membership is free and the service provides simple tools for building a web site that combines social networking features with web portal resources. Among other things, surfers can check the surf report and view the latest surfing news while interacting with friends and sharing photos and videos.

As online social networking continues to grow, Surf Buds has adopted this popular business model and extended it to meet the needs of surfers. Member web sites function not only as a social hub but also as a resource portal by aggregating information and linking to additional sources on the Internet. "Surfers are hungry for knowledge related to the industry," stated James Loren, founder of Surf Buds. "By providing niche-specific content, Surf Buds satisfies its members' needs while setting itself apart from other social networking services that are unable to serve up targeted content because they cater to a general audience."

To accomplish this, Surf Buds integrates third-party widgets and RSS feeds into member web sites. The surf forecast magnet is an example of this. Members choose their location and live surf conditions are displayed and refreshed automatically on their site. "The surf report is a resource that is often viewed by surfers and they expect it to be updated regularly," said Mr. Loren. "Fresh content such as this adds value to our service. It ensures that members view and use their Surf Buds web site frequently."

Surf Buds also provides several ways for members to personalize their web site. A profile picture and a short bio can be added along with photos, videos as well as links to surf cams and favorite web pages. A music jukebox is included that plays music based on the member's preference, and a built-in message board provides a means for interacting with friends directly on their site. "A deep level of customization and interaction gives members a sense of ownership," said Mr. Loren. "It also encourages members to explore other Surf Bud web sites which will increase traffic throughout the entire Surf Buds network."

About Surf Buds

Surf Buds is the first online social network created just for surfers by a surfer. Members can interact with friends and access all of their favorite surfing resources from their own personalized web site. Visit to learn more about Surf Buds.

Contact: James Loren, Founder Surf Buds (619) 370-5665

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CONTACT: James Loren, Founder of Surf Buds, +1-619-370-5665,

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