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Spotplex Goes Live With Improved Home Page and Analytics for Blog Service Provider Platforms
Nov 07, 2007 (08:11 AM EST)

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Spotplex, Inc., a real-time content tracking and ranking service, has gone live today with improvements to the homepage and blogger-tailored tools that increase the usefulness of Spotplex to both the contributors and consumers of its popular content. The new homepage features a revamped user interface with more accurate categorization as well as a geographical tracking function that allows viewing of popular content worldwide. Spotplex also announced blogger-tailored widgets and analytics tools optimized for blog service providers to include in their platform offerings.

"Our vision from the beginning has been consistent -- provide the very best platform for consumers to find interesting content and for bloggers, regardless of size, to be heard," said Doyon Kim, founder and CEO, Spotplex, Inc. "Today's announcement is a significant step forward in meeting, and in some cases exceeding, the latest requirements of both sets of Spotplex users."

Recognizing that great content knows no boundaries, Spotplex offers a lingual selection tool that allows users to choose to view blog articles in over 40 languages. The latest version of the home page now lists popular content by country. By simply rolling the mouse over a world map, visitors can see dynamically updated lists of the most popular articles in that region. Spotplex has also added an additional layer to its blog and article categorization to ensure that the subject matter more accurately corresponds to the content categories on the site.

In addition, Spotplex is releasing a package designed for blog service providers looking to provide bloggers with a broader set of tools to start and run a successful blog, including by-article traffic analysis with adjustable timelines; referral source analysis; and overall blog and article traffic monitoring. Spotplex's downloadable code and tools can be easily added to blog platforms as part of comprehensive measurement and management offering, enabling analytics that allow bloggers to know more about their traffic and drive more traffic to their sites.

Spotplex's ranking and traffic measurement is based on actual article reads and includes a relative popularity measure that compares article reads to the overall blog traffic. Bloggers using Spotplex gain tremendous knowledge into their reader's habits and preferences, enabling them to produce content that will attract a wider readership. Spotplex's widgets listing popular, new and "getting hotter" articles help bloggers to retain visitors once they are on the site.

For bloggers and content providers interested in linking their content to the Spotplex ranking system, please visit to download the Spotplex code, free widgets and blogger-tailored analytic tools. The Spotplex home page itself is a great resource for popular content and up-to-the minute news and views from around the world. For information on potential partnerships with Spotplex, please call +1 (408) 316-7632.

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Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Spotplex is a real-time content tracking and ranking service that provides impartial, instant rankings of popular content. Spotplex improves upon current content aggregation services with its unique algorithm-based measuring system that gathers and analyzes the behavior of Internet users in real time, delivering results that better reflect the diverse tastes of the community. To register your blog, become a member of the Spotplex Community or simply view the content, please visit .

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