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babyTEL Launches Telephone, First Real Phone Application for Facebook Platform
Oct 09, 2007 (10:10 AM EDT)

MONTREAL, Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ - Social VoIP pioneer babyTEL ( ) announced today the launch of Telephone, its telephone service application integrated with the Facebook platform ( ). The service allows Facebook members to call their friends or send voice messages with the "direct-to-mail" feature right from their Telephone phonebook, which is created automatically when their Facebook friends add the Telephone application.

Facebook users can add the free application, which is listed under "chat" and "mobile" in the Facebook application directory or by entering "Telephone" in the directory search engine. Users can then invite their friends to add the application. Telephone is built marrying babyTEL's proven VoIP service and a widget called eggphone(TM), an online telephone that runs on almost any computer - Mac or PC - and loads automatically in seconds.

According to babyTEL CEO Stephen Dorsey, "We saw the astounding popularity of social networks and recognized that users lacked a means to have live conversations within their social network of choice. Telephone enhances the social experience within Facebook by adding two new ways to communicate - a direct telephone call or a direct message. The service allows for spontaneous reactions to friends' postings in one's own voice and is also available for regular calls. Our Social VoIP adds a new and exciting dimension to telephony in general and will soon connect seamlessly to the babyTEL VoIP network, cell phones and other landlines."

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babyTEL ( ) is an established company with a 15-year track record of developing innovative and successful new telecom products and services, including the first platforms for the deployment of fax over IP in large-scale networks, and networked unified messaging. Customers include major carriers and Fortune 10 companies. babyTEL's core business is home and enterprise VoIP.

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