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Leading the Way for Lead-Quality Reform: Cole & Weber United's Dave Behn
Oct 09, 2007 (08:10 AM EDT)

VIENNA, Va., Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The online sales lead generation industry has evolved from a model that pushes sheer quantity to one that values quality, but not without some reluctance between buyers and sellers of leads. The transformation has required champions to build trust between the two sides and bring their objectives into alignment. TARGUSinfo has accorded the Market Leadership Award to Dave Behn, a partner of marketing agency Cole & Weber United, to recognize his role as such a champion.

"Lead quality is a two-way street and Dave Behn has stood out in the online lead generation industry as a pivotal agent of change and articulation of common interests," said Dave Wengel, General Manager of Interactive Markets for TARGUSinfo. "Both lead buyers and sellers have needed to take responsibility for the industry's growth. Dave has fostered that growth as an advocate of best practices and a leader in the dialog that is creating more productive agreements for all."

Behn oversees Cole & Weber United's Performance Marketing Group, the agency's entrepreneurial, online customer acquisition division. In that role, he has been the industry's pre-eminent voice in promoting the value of leads that are accurate, complete, current and actionable.

"Successful online lead generation requires a partnership between lead buyers and sellers so both sides can find value in the relationship," Behn said. "Cole & Weber United has long promoted the idea that marketing accountability and long-term viability require clear, shared expectations and increased transparency, and it's gratifying to receive this award as a result of our efforts."

The award is the first of its kind bestowed by TARGUSinfo, the leading provider of On-Demand Data services for Web-based marketers and other consumer-facing businesses.

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