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Pradeep Khosla, Renowned Cybersecurity Expert, Joins BitArmor Board Of Directors
Oct 08, 2007 (08:10 AM EDT)

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- BitArmor(TM) ( ), the leader in data control software that helps corporate executives protect and manage sensitive data throughout their organizations, today announced that Pradeep Khosla, Ph. D., has been elected to the company's board of directors.

Since 2004, Dr. Khosla has been the Dean of the Carnegie Institute of Technology at . He also serves as the Philip and Marsha Dowd Professor in the College of Engineering and School of Computer Science, and Founding co-Director of CyLab. CyLab is a broad-based research, development, and community outreach oriented multidisciplinary center that supports and involves more than 40 faculty and 100 graduate students from five different colleges within Carnegie Mellon, and has an annual budget of more than $10 million per year. He currently serves on several advisory boards including iNetworks, ITU Ventures, and Alcoa CIO's Advisory Board. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Quantapoint Inc., the Children's Institute, IIT Foundation, Pittsburgh Technology Council, The Doyle Center, and MPC Corporation. He is the recipient of several awards and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

He joins the BitArmor team at a time when the company has just introduced its DataControl(TM) software, which delivers an unparalleled scope of security and management in a single product, uniquely solving complex business challenges by protecting and managing sensitive data more effectively than the traditional hodgepodge of point solutions. The new version of BitArmor DataControl utilizes Smart Tags(TM), a revolutionary technology that helps corporate executives protect and manage sensitive data throughout their organizations. DataControl attaches a Smart Tag to the data itself -- that travels with the data -- enabling policies for security, usage auditing, retention, and expiration to remain with the data wherever it moves or resides. Smart Tags allow you to secure, track, and control your data both in flight and at rest, faster, more easily, and more cost-effectively than any other solution.

"BitArmor's technology is significantly ahead of its competitors," said Dr. Khosla. "In a market where companies are increasingly concerned about regulatory compliance, both from the government and private sectors, DataControl is clearly a leader in helping them keep their data secured. As companies and people increasingly rely on information technology in many aspects of their everyday lives, the need to make information systems more secure, trustworthy, sustainable, and available in the face of both intentional attacks and accidental faults is more important than ever. BitArmor has brought to market an elegantly designed system that plays a key role in addressing this need," he added.

BitArmor technology has been honored by leading industry publications, such as Network World and Computerworld. The company also has seen success in key vertical markets such as retail, manufacturing, health care and more.

"Dr. Khosla's expertise in the field of information security is extraordinary," said Patrick McGregor, BitArmor's Chief Executive Officer. "His intellect and experience will be highly beneficial to BitArmor as we rapidly grow the company. Our focus remains on ensuring our customers' success by reducing their data security vulnerabilities and data management costs. Dr. Khosla's insight will help us elevate our solutions to the next level by enabling simple, cost-effective control for our customers' sensitive data."

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BitArmor offers DataControl(TM), powerful new software that provides a faster, easier, more cost-effective way to protect and manage sensitive data. Unlike traditional solutions that only deal with information at specific points in the system, BitArmor DataControl software attaches a Smart Tag(TM) directly to the data itself -- a tag that travels with the data and allows you to secure, track, and expire it regardless of where it is stored or sent. BitArmor helps companies protect valuable data assets, achieve regulatory compliance, and manage data throughout its functional lifecycle. More information is available at .

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