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Master Your Market by Meeting Your New B.O.S.S.
Oct 02, 2007 (08:10 AM EDT)

ATLANTA, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Tulix Systems, Inc., a leading Application Service Provider of services and solutions to the Broadband ISP Industry, announced the release of its latest exciting product, THE B.O.S.S. v 1.0. THE B.O.S.S., or Broadband Online Solutions Suite, is the linking together of 20 valuable online applications and services designed to aid local cable and telephone companies increase revenue, maximize productivity and increase their competitive edge. THE B.O.S.S. will help these companies "Master Their Market" by increasing the value and interactivity of their existing web presence to their customers and prospective customers.

The B.O.S.S. is middleware with industry specific Business Intelligence designed to aid broadband providers increase revenue, maximize productivity and increase your competitive edge. It centers on a cable company or teleco's existing website and adds key elements to encourage return traffic by their subscriber base. This traffic can be monetized through additional ad revenue or the promotion of premium services. Other B.O.S.S components encourage increased company productivity. Some of these key elements of THE B.O.S.S.include:

* Streaming Video: Add online streaming of previews of Premium, VOD or PPV offerings as well as paid commercials for local advertisers * Interactive Bundle Calculator: Customers can see real cost savings when customize their order of bundled services * Online Classified Ads: Sell local classified advertising to subscribers and visitors * Online Surveys/Polls: Get a better understanding of the customer through timely feedback * Company Intranet: Streamline the workplace with a password protected repository of essential internal data online and available 24/7 * Online Backup Data Storage: Now you can compliment your free web space by offering subscribers online backup data storage.

These are only a few of the solutions of contained in THE B.O.S.S. v1.0. Tulix Systems has worked in the cable/teleco ISP space for over 10 years. During that period, Tulix has created several applications and services that have helped its partner companies better manage and make their internet presence more valuable to them and their customers.

"In looking over our inventory of our work, I decided that we should join our best work together and offer our industry a complete suite of services and applications that would allow them to take full advantage of their Internet presence" said Dr. George Bokuchava, CEO of Tulix Systems. "Our staff came together and, from those strategy sessions, The B.O.S.S. was born."

The B.O.S.S. v1.0 is available to customers as a whole package or they can choose the individual modules that they feel will benefit them the most. The B.O.S.S. is designed to be flexible to add the most value to any cable or telephone company broadband provider. The B.O.S.S. v1.0 will be available October 1, 2007. See for a complete list and description of applications and services that will help you "Master Your Market".

Tulix Systems also announced today that it has redesigned and renamed its anchor product, Community 4.0, an original social networking platform employed by several cable telecos around the country to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn in their ISP divisions. Tulix has upgraded the mix of features, removing the least used ones and updated the most popular features and has relaunched it as "HomePages 2.0"

"HomePages 2.0 is a much better description of our offering in this day and age," said Bokuchava. "The word 'Community' has different meaning to individuals and no longer conveys the essence of our product. HomePages 2.0 clearly states what the customer is receiving from us. That is, their own personalized home page with all of the Web 2.0 features they would expect. The opportunity to post their own User Generated Content (photos, blogs, videos and music) with HomePages 2.0 is limited only by their own imagination and creativity."

Most of Tulix Systems current customers utilizing its social networking platform have been upgraded to the new version. "We believe that HomePages 2.0 is primed to help new clients create their own social networks and take full advantage of what that added web traffic can mean to their bottom line." Bokuchava concluded. See: to learn more about HomePages 2.0.


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