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YARA International Rolls Out IntelliSearch to 50 Countries
Oct 01, 2007 (06:10 AM EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO and OSLO, Norway, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- YARA International, the leading multi-national chemical and fertilizer producer, has entered into a global license contract with IntelliSearch. The agreement lets YARA use IntelliSearch Competitive Intelligence as their central market intelligence tool for surveillance and analysis of global market trends.

YARA, has after a period of piloting and evaluation, entered into an agreement with IntelliSearch that gives them the right to use the IntelliSearch Competitive Intelligence as central surveillance tool for monitoring worldwide markets. YARA intends to use the tool to identify important global market trends and events in demand, prices, competitors and technology.

"YARA chose IntelliSearch as their solution enables automatic collection and presentation of important market data. This means that we can perform more frequent and wider market analysis -- with fewer resources. The objective is to improve the access to information in our decision processes," said Dag Tore Moe, VP Market Analysis in YARA International.

The agreement

The agreement entails licenses, installation, configuration and piloting of IntelliSearch Competitive Intelligence. YARA has the right to use the software at all their international offices.

"We are pleased that YARA implements IntelliSearch Competitive Intelligence as their central market intelligence solution. YARA is a large multi-national that is dependent on understanding and acting on market events and trends. The agreement illustrates the increasing role of monitoring local and global markets in companies and in their efforts in creating competitive advantages," said CEO David Chartier of IntelliSearch Inc.

The Solution

IntelliSearch Competitive Intelligence is a Market and Competitive Intelligence solution that automatically aggregates information from internal, media, commercial, and Web-based sources and applications. The solution represents a business intelligence retrieval and analysis tool made available to management, analysts, product development, marketing, and sales. It categorizes the results, and enables your users to identify key trends and gaining deep insights into specific issues. The solution enables systematic tracking of opportunities and threats in your operational environment. The solution tracks more than 65.000 news sources worldwide. The solution can monitor any public website, and can also be set up to monitor password protected ones. Information enables distribution of market analysis to any channel like email, portals, newsletters, blogs, text-messaging etc - either periodically or in the form of alerts. The solution is typically used to monitor Market trends, Competitor moves, Media Coverage, Crisis management, Product trends, R&D / Innovation Intelligence, Lobbyists and Opinion leaders, and Regulatory affairs.

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