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BitArmor(TM) Unveils Powerful New Data Control Software; Delivers Unrivaled Scope of Data Protection and Management
Sep 24, 2007 (08:09 AM EDT)

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- BitArmor Systems(TM) ( ), the leader in data control software that helps corporate executives protect and manage sensitive data throughout their organizations, today announced the immediate availability of BitArmor DataControl(TM) software. By delivering an unparalleled scope of security and management in one product, BitArmor DataControl uniquely solves complex business challenges by protecting and managing sensitive data more effectively than the traditional hodgepodge of point solutions.

The new version of BitArmor DataControl utilizes Smart Tags(TM), a revolutionary technology that helps corporate executives protect and manage sensitive data throughout their organizations. DataControl attaches a Smart Tag to the data itself -- that travels with the data -- enabling policies for security, usage auditing, retention, and expiration to remain with the data wherever it moves or resides. Smart Tags allow you to secure, track, and control your data both in flight and at rest, faster, more easily, and more cost-effectively than any other solution.

"We needed to protect customer information from all of our stores as part of our commitment to meet PCI standards," stated the Director of Information Security at a publicly traded North American sporting goods retailer. "We realized that controlling data only after it reaches our servers is no longer enough. BitArmor DataControl allows us to control the data from the moment it is created, as it travels over networks and is stored within the data center, through deletion, with absolutely no changes required to any of our existing applications, networks, or storage devices. Helping us meet the PCI requirements, without having to alter our infrastructure, was key for us."

BitArmor DataControl protects and manages data that may be stored anywhere in the organization, including laptop and desktop computers, servers, and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The software also controls data on tapes, removable media such as USB drives, and FireWire devices such as digital cameras. DataControl provides advanced encryption functionality with a single software install, including file-level encryption, removable media encryption and port control, and full disk encryption (FDE). In doing so, BitArmor DataControl helps companies avoid multi-million dollar losses resulting from data breach notifications and from legal challenges and penalties stemming from failure to comply with government and industry regulations, such as the credit card industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), or HIPAA.

This approach is especially important at firms that are susceptible to costly data breaches, like mass merchandisers or health care systems. A recent report from Gartner, Inc. reports that approximately 15 million Americans were victims of identity-theft related fraud in the 12 months ending in the middle of 2006, an increase of 50 percent from the same period three years ago. Recent headlines drive home the point:

-- TJX says the total losses from its previously reported data breach, in which 45.6 million credit card numbers were stolen by hackers, could exceed $150 million; -- A backup storage tape with the names and Social Security numbers of 500,000 Ohio state employees was stolen from a state intern's car; -- A worker at the check services subsidiary of a St. Petersburg bank stole 2.3 million customer records, including credit card and bank account numbers, and other personal information.

By adopting the unique approach of using Smart Tags to control data instead of controlling a device or application, BitArmor is infinitely scalable. BitArmor DataControl enforces key data protection policies by implementing seamless and persistent encryption, access control, and authentication. In addition, the software allows administrators to easily track the data and who is trying to access it, which are key elements in any regulatory audit. BitArmor DataControl also enables firms to automatically expire access to and delete data in accordance with corporate retention policies.

"The ability to control the effective lifespan of data -- regardless of where outside of the protected datacenter copies of the data exist -- can be an extremely valuable option for many companies," said analyst Eric Ogren, president of the Ogren Group. "Sensitive data left lingering on a disk after its effective use is ripe for exposure. Companies can use cryptographic solutions to protect the data until the working copy is automatically expired. In the case of credit card data, it is important to secure the data from the moment it's swiped, through delivery to backend processing systems, and then render the remote copy unreadable."

BitArmor DataControl is already in place and being used at multi-billion dollar retailers, health care systems, and manufacturing companies. "BitArmor offers a completely new approach to controlling enterprise data," said Patrick McGregor, BitArmor's Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased to provide our customers with a single, simple data protection and management solution that address previously unsolvable data control problems and that greatly reduces security acquisition costs."

More information about BitArmor DataControl software, and the advantages it offers firms in protecting their data, is available from BitArmor's website ( ), or by calling 412.682.2200.

About BitArmor Systems

BitArmor is the creator of DataControl(TM), powerful new software that provides a faster, easier, more cost-effective way to protect and manage sensitive data throughout any organization. Unlike traditional solutions that only deal with information at specific points in the system, BitArmor DataControl software attaches a Smart Tag(TM) directly to the data itself -- a tag that travels with the data and allows you to secure, track, and control it regardless of where it is stored or sent. BitArmor helps companies protect valuable data assets, achieve regulatory compliance, and manage data throughout its functional lifecycle.

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