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Announcing the PuzzleTrek Challenge(TM) A $5 Million Internet Puzzle Solving Competition
Sep 19, 2007 (10:09 AM EDT)

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Puzzle and game lovers should be prepared to set aside their Sunday crosswords and daily suduko tune-ups. There's about to be a bigger and better test of the mind. It's a new Internet centered puzzle competition called the PuzzleTrek Challenge. The rules are simple: Be the first person to correctly solve a series of brainteasers, figure out how the answers fit together and take home a prize of up to $5 million.

The PuzzleTrek Challenge will offer a number of unique innovations. Most importantly, reward seekers won't have to leave the comfort of their desks to win the prize. The puzzles and clues to the ultimate solution will be located right on the websites of the companies providing the sponsorship for this first of a kind, global competition. In addition, there will be no cost to participate.

In collaboration with PuzzleTrek, up to ten sponsoring organizations will develop puzzles of their own choosing. These puzzles are expected to be of multiple types and complexities, and they will be integrated in creative ways with the sponsoring company websites. As described by PuzzleTrek creator Peter Lilienthal, "This challenge is expected to drive millions of unduplicated visitors to sponsor company websites. Once there, a highly desirable demographic will be exposed to whatever marketing, educational and informational objectives the sponsoring company desires to achieve by participating in this challenge. If increasing engaged website traffic is a company's priority, this will represent an unparalleled opportunity."

Lilienthal anticipates that the brainteasers will include everything from suduko and crosswords to cryptograms and knowledge based riddles. And to add an additional twist to the mix, PuzzleTrek has provided an option on its placeholder website ( ) where aspiring and established puzzle-masters can submit their own pre-competition ideas for clever mental challenges. The sponsoring companies will be given an opportunity to review the submissions and utilize any that they find compatible with their marketing objectives.

Among the items available on the PuzzleTrek concept website is a sample of the way in which the puzzles will reveal clues to the location of the hiding place. The website also contains information for companies that are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity to boost Internet traffic to their websites and enhance product or brand awareness.

Lilienthal hopes to officially launch this challenge in late 2007.

Press inquiries and additional information can be obtained by contacting Peter Lilienthal via email at or by phone at 612.926.7988.

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