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MedcomSoft Congratulates Valdez Family Clinic, Winner of 2007 Davies Award of Excellence
Sep 19, 2007 (08:09 AM EDT)

ATLANTA, GA and SAN ANTONIO, TX, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - MedcomSoft Inc. (TSX-MSF), a provider of the next generation of interoperable electronic health records (EHRs), congratulates Alicia Valdez, MD, and the staff of the San Antonio, Texas-based Valdez Family Clinic on receiving the prestigious Davies Ambulatory Care Award for its use of MedcomSoft Record. In announcing the award, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) noted that the practice had achieved the real-time capture of clinical data, including diagnosis, orders and plan, at the point of care.

Valdez Family Clinic is a family practice, serving an economically disadvantaged and medically underserved community. Dr. Valdez has decreased the average time spent charting a patient note from ten to two minutes. In a four-day work week, MedcomSoft Record enabled Dr. Valdez to efficiently provide care to approximately 43 patients per day using seven exam rooms.

The Davies Award program was originally created in 1994 by CPRI-HOST, an organization that represents all stakeholders in healthcare focusing on clinical applications of information technology (CPRI-HOST merged with HIMSS in 2002). The program honors Dr. Nicholas Davies, an Atlanta-based practice physician committed to the ideal of improving patient care through better health information management. He was a member of the Institute of Medicine Patient Record Study Committee, which coined the term "computer based patient record." Dr. Davies was chairman-elect of the of Physicians. In April 1991, he was tragically killed in a plane crash with Senator John G. Tower (R-TX). His ideals live in the Davies Award of Excellence.

Dr. Valdez credits her success to her selection of MedcomSoft Record. "I sought a solution that would help me both as a physician and a business owner - one that would help me to deliver better quality of care to my patients and at the same time would more accurately capture charges for services, bring the billing process in-house and generate immediate improvement in revenues", she says. "Within six months of implementation in 2006, I saw significant results, and now we are seeing more patients than ever."

The results Dr. Valdez has achieved are impressive. She reports that per-patient billing is up 25 percent, that the practice has much better control over accounts receivable, and staff overtime has dropped off. "What's more, most days I am home by 6:00 PM, with the flexibility to practice medicine the way I want to," says Dr. Valdez. "Now I can devote more of my time to patients."

Using Record, her charting is finished before she leaves the patient exam room, with labs and referrals ordered, prescriptions e-mailed, and the encounter coded and ready for billing.

"We congratulate Dr. Valdez and her staff on this well-deserved honor. She and physicians like her are changing medicine for the better, and MedcomSoft is proud to support them," says Sami Aita, MD, Chairman and CEO of MedcomSoft.

About MedcomSoft Inc.:

Founded in 1994, MedcomSoft Inc. develops cutting edge software solutions for the healthcare industry, including its fully integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management solution, MedcomSoft(R) Record. MedcomSoft has pioneered the use of numerically codified point-of-care clinical terminologies to create a new generation of highly interoperable EHRs, which significantly enhance disease surveillance and accelerate clinical research. The Company has achieved strong growth in license sales year over year while MedcomSoft Record 2006 placed first in KLAS' Ambulatory EMR 1-5 Physicians Category in the 2007 Mid-Year Report, and has received a 5-STAR rating from the AC Group, Inc. .

About HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence:

The HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence recognizes excellence in the implementation and use of health information technology, specifically electronic health records (EHRs), for healthcare organizations, private practices and public health systems. Created by CPRI-HOST in 1994, the first three recipients of the Davies Organizational Award were recognized in 1995. CPRI_HOST merged with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in 2002; HIMSS now manages the award program. The Award honors Dr. Nicholas E. Davies, an Atlanta-based practicing physician, president-elect of the of Physicians, and a member of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Improving the Patient Record, when he tragically died in an airplane crash in 1991 with Senator John Tower. Dr. Davies was an accomplished physician who believed that the computer-based patient record was needed to improve patient care. Visit for more information, including educational resources.

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