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Tax Efficient Solutions Announces Efficient, Money Saving Tax Tool
Sep 17, 2007 (10:09 AM EDT)

AMSTERDAM, September 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Tax Efficient Solutions, a leading online provider of tax solutions announces a revolutionary new tool enabling its clients to benefit from better tax procedures, ultimately saving them money.

Tax Efficient Solutions has a successful track record having decreased between 25% and 50% of global tax burdens per structure applied to. Its procedure is available globally to Webshop owners, International traders, International investors and Trademark owners. Each segment of its customer base has the ability to download the relevant package, including in-depth information for the relevant financial representative within the organisation. The packages can be self-implemented and are the starting point to saving the company tax.

Mr Richard Bosch, Tax Efficient Solutions, commented, "Our organisation is offering businesses the opportunity to benefit from better tax constructions and procedures for calculating their taxation requirements. Until now many of these companies have had to hire expensive lawyers or consultancy firms, who often bill their fees hourly, hence not stipulating a fixed cost at the outset, whereas Tax Efficient Solutions offers a solution at a fixed low price."

Tax Efficient Solutions is able to offer these products at competitive fees as it does not have the large overheads of many consulting and law firms, such as luxury offices and pools of staff and trainees, who often need attention and help, thus taking away from the core of the business - implementing tax solutions to save the client money.

The company's directors have extensive knowledge and experience about international tax law having worked for the Big Four firms over the course of the previous ten years and advised international listed companies on their tax structures. The packages devised are user-friendly and the download includes a step-by-step plan and a getting started section so can be implemented by the in-house tax department or relevant individual hence also saving you money on tax fees.

Tax Efficient Solutions also undertakes its own research and development and by using the internet as a primary marketing tool, the company is able to reach more clients. This combined with its focus on medium sized businesses instead of larger listed companies means that the costs of research and development are spread across more companies, thereby offering greater added value for less money.

CONTACT: Contact: Richard Bosch, Tel.: +31-646088258 or +31-27765995,