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lavalifePRIME Blends Social Networking and Online Dating
Sep 17, 2007 (08:09 AM EDT)

TORONTO, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- If you rocked out to Bruce Springsteen, perfected your runway walk to that of Twiggy's, and spent hours playing with Yo-Yos, Frisbees and Ouija Boards, then you are probably a Baby Boomer. Thirty percent of the 85 million Boomers in the US and Canada (those born between 1946 -1964) are back in the singles scene after a long hiatus, and they are interested in much more than simply finding a date. Instead, Boomers have turned to the Internet to set the pace for a whole new kind of online experience, "social dating," combining the qualities of many popular social networking and online dating sites. lavalifePRIME offers online socializing etiquette tips to help Boomers get back in the game!

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"Single Boomers aren't interested in spending their time on mainstream dating sites where they compete with 20 and 30-somethings, or trendy social networking sites where the overall users are much younger with very different interests from their own," said lavalifePRIME Boomer Lifestyle Expert, Agneta Owen. "Baby Boomers are an extremely Internet saavy and socially and sexually active group, but many have already experienced a broad array of relationships or been married before. Today, they are looking to stay social, explore new horizons and meet interesting new people that are in the same place in life as they are, which is exactly what inspired lavalifePRIME."

lavalifePRIME is an evolution in traditional relationship sites, developed specifically for Boomer's lifestyles and interests. The new site, , provides users with the opportunity to connect with other singles 45+ based on their hobbies, interests and specific outlook on relationships. LavalifePRIME offers something for all types of mature singles - a place to explore new relationships and friendships, as well as seek out travel companions, activity partners, and information on the latest trends, tips and feature articles. The site also includes forums on a wide variety of topics where members can discuss anything from how to fight aging to the meaning of life.

Whether Boomers are new to the social dating scene or just looking for a refresher course, lavalifePRIME has some advice on how to avoid a few common mistakes. If singles are interested in making new friends, exploring relationships, joining up with local groups and forums, or finding travel companions, these simple tips will help users make a better first impression online.

Online Social Dating Tips for Boomers

Don't write boring subject lines. When you write an email message, try to picture yourself on the receiving end and ask yourself, "Would I open this message?" The more intriguing the subject line, the higher the chances are that it will get opened.

Avoid being too vague. Everyone likes to feel special. So when you find someone you're interested in contacting for a date, friendship or otherwise, take a moment to read his or her profile carefully. Then, when you send them a message, include some of the interests/activities/life experiences you have in common.

Don't exaggerate or lie about yourself. It may seem like a good idea at first, but what are you going to do if you eventually meet someone in person? Be honest and upfront, without sharing too much personal information too soon.

Spend time on your life experience profile. Sure, entering your profile takes time. But you're an interesting person who's had an interesting life. Make sure your profile reflects who you really are or you'll end up short- changing yourself in the long run.

Don't take too long to respond to messages. It's just like your Mom used to say, "Promptness is a virtue." In fact, responding to an email in a timely fashion not only shows you're interested (or not), it also shows you have good manners, which is still something most people value.

Avoid getting too personal too soon. Don't ask for too much personal info right up front. Take your time. Would you feel good about telling someone the intimate details of your life, right off the bat? It's also a good rule to protect your personal information, until you know someone well enough to share.

Choose a realistic and flattering photo of yourself, or don't post one at all. Not everyone is photogenic, but take some time to find a good shot of yourself - preferably showing you smiling and looking directly into the camera. Shy? Don't be - profiles with photos get looked at 10 times more than those without. Also, be proud of who you are today. Stay away from photos taken years ago.

This is no place for brevity. Don't send one word replies. Come on! You've got a good imagination. Send a message that says a little something about you, your interests, and your dreams.

Don't make overt sexual overtures. It doesn't matter how hot or sexy you think someone is. Being too upfront about your desires too quickly could end up driving (or scaring) them away.

Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. Nothing says laziness and/or ignorance like a profile or email message that's littered with spelling errors. Take your time, use Spell Check if you have it, and type carefully.

About lavalifePRIME

lavalifePRIME is one of the world's first social dating sites - a combination of personals and social networking websites - designed exclusively for singles 45+. lavalifePRIME is one of the products of Lavalife Corp., a leading provider of products and services designed for singles. Lavalife connects, engages and entertains through a variety of web, voice and mobile offerings. Founded in 1987, Lavalife Corp. markets its products and services across the United States, Canada and Australia. Lavalife has attracted millions of unique members who exchange 1.3 million messages every day. For more information, visit or .

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