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Coremetrics Introduces More Powerful Customer Targeting with the Launch of Contextual Marketing
Sep 17, 2007 (08:09 AM EDT)

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Coremetrics, the leading provider of digital marketing optimization solutions, today released Coremetrics 2008, the latest version of its comprehensive digital marketing suite. The new release introduces "contextual marketing" -- the ability to identify and target the most valuable customers based on both individual traits and lifetime visits and behavior.

Coremetrics 2008 provides significant enhancements to its market leading solution, allowing businesses to more accurately target the most valuable customer sectors, based on a wide variety of criteria, beyond pure behavioral attributes, that can be layered to develop very refined segments.

While traditional behavioral targeting is limited by just looking at a single event (e.g. if a woman abandons a red blouse, send her a promotional email for a red blouse), contextual marketing looks beyond this one event to include additional attributes, as well as group and lifetime customer behaviors. This allows marketers to identify other actions and events surrounding a sale or conversion, (e.g. in this scenario, a woman abandoned a red blouse, but you also know that she is over 35, and that in another session she came back and purchased a pink t-shirt, while also viewing jeans. In this case, the marketer would then target this woman with an email promoting the jeans that were most often purchased by women over 35 who purchased the pink t-shirt). This provides the context that allows businesses to target the right set of customers, with the right products and content, at the right time, leading to improved campaign performance and higher revenue.

"Analytics without segmentation gives a false sense of insight," said Bill Gassman, research analyst at Gartner. "The more you know about a customer and the composite of actions they have taken in the past, the better you can craft your marketing actions to a segment or individual."

Using Coremetrics 2008, marketers can now segment customers based on virtually any criteria, including participation in social media activities like posting reviews or watching video content. Exports are much simplified, making it very easy to share data about these target segments with other marketing partners, such as email vendors and content management solutions, for immediate action. These new features enable marketers to dramatically boost click-through rates and revenue, with a flexible, user-friendly interface.

Coremetrics 2008 offers enhanced ease of use and real-time functionality; enabling marketers to allocate marketing spend in the most effective way possible. New features and enhancements include:

-- Enhancements to the Real Time Monitor, which pushes campaign level data out for rapid analysis to support such things as A/B testing of an email promotion -- Architectural improvements that deliver three to four times increase in scalability while simultaneously improving reporting speed, and allowing Coremetrics to support single sites of up to five billion page views per month -- The ability to support sites that take orders in multiple currencies, by converting order data in any one of 151 currencies to a single currency for reporting and analysis -- Support for additional languages with overall support for five languages (US English, UK English, French, Spanish and German) -- New operating system and browser functionality has been added to support Mac and Firefox users

"Coremetrics helps me understand which marketing channels are working for which target groups," said Susan Urban, online marketing manager at PayScale, the market leader in real-time salary data. "For example, I can look at our blogs, expert articles and research pages that address nurses' salaries, define a segment based on that content, and then determine how that segment of visitors came to our site. Moreover, I can understand how valuable that segment of visitors that views this content is to my business. That insight allows me to maximize my budget across all channels."

"We see results immediately, which is especially important to us as we can easily spot which content is being read and how our customers are coming to our sites," said Seth Holladay, web analytics manager at publisher Rodale, home of Men's Health, Prevention and Mountain Bike magazines. "The ability to see what is happening in real-time allows us to make the appropriate corrections and capitalize on that insight instantly."

"Our clients are continually looking for new ways to stay ahead of their competition. Contextual marketing brings together several pieces of our digital marketing optimization suite. Over the past year, Coremetrics has launched a cross-sell recommendation engine, targeted email and advanced marketing attribution. Contextual marketing pulls all these pieces together and provides marketers the tools and information they need to gain the competitive edge," said John Squire, SVP product strategy at Coremetrics. "The key to effectively reaching your audience, is to effortlessly deliver relevant offers and content throughout all your marketing channels."

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