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BEA Systems Leads the Industry With the Introduction of Genesis to Enable the Delivery Of Dynamic Business Applications
Sep 11, 2007 (12:09 PM EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- BEAWorld -- BEA Systems, Inc., a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, today announced the introduction of a dynamic business application platform initiative that BEA expects to transform software innovation at the application tier. The initiative, code-named Genesis, converges Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), enterprise social computing and other technologies to help enable users as well as IT to deliver dynamic solutions that plug into existing IT application environments.

Enterprises face an accelerated pace of change, and need a fast, simplified way to assemble and modify business applications. Inflexible infrastructure and rigid traditional enterprise applications are time- consuming and expensive to customize. More importantly, these applications fail to meet business requirements for competing in today's dynamic landscape.

BEA's Project Genesis will allow radical simplification of how businesses deliver innovation at the application tier. With Project Genesis, both users and IT will be able to assemble, change and deploy dynamic business applications to achieve competitive advantage. Genesis extends the vision of the BEA AquaLogic product family by including a simplified approach for assembling and modifying dynamic business applications.

"Businesses need to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, but innovation today is too slow and costly. When we first launched AquaLogic, we recognized that dynamic business applications could solve this problem. SOA was the first step in that journey. Genesis will be the next step to extend BEA's AquaLogic vision. BEA has the core competencies and vision to deliver the infrastructure needed to create dynamic business applications," said Alfred Chuang, chairman and chief executive officer, BEA Systems Inc.

Past generations of IT systems were developed using mostly programming code, Forrester notes in its report The New IT Imperative: Design for People, Build for Change:. Business rules and processes were buried in code, whether old mainframe systems, client/server systems, or Web sites. But code is hard to change, and the change usually requires a minimum cycle time measured in months. That's not fast enough anymore. . . . We're now seeing a much more holistic, transformational picture emerging from the synthesis of the many business trends and new technologies that are swirling around IT like Web 2.0, SOA, composite apps, and business process management. (1)

The company plans to share additional roadmap information on Project Genesis at BEA World Shanghai in December 2007.

About BEAWorld

BEAWorld is the premier event for SOA thought leadership and is scheduled to take place in three strategic world markets spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia. The conference is designed to provide critical insights, hands-on instruction, best-practice strategies, and opportunities for interaction with like-minded professionals, industry leaders, visionaries and expert practitioners.

In addition to helping customers achieve innovation and tangible business results, BEAWorld is the place to find the latest information on BEA's infrastructure technologies including BEA Tuxedo(R), BEA WebLogic(R), BEA AquaLogic(R) and BEA Enterprise 360. This year's show will also include a Solutions Showcase, highlighting the latest and most innovative developments from the extensive BEA partner community.

Two additional events are scheduled in the following cities: Barcelona (Oct. 2-4) and Shanghai (Dec. 12-13).

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