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TrustPlus Preview: Community of Trust to Make the Internet the Safest Place on Earth
Sep 10, 2007 (08:09 AM EDT)

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- TrustPlus, Inc. launched a preview of its online reputation service today at , which helps people know who to trust by letting them view the reputations of others and build their own reputations -- anywhere on the Web. TrustPlus is building a community of trust, giving people the tools to weed out fraudulent buyers and sellers, assess a potential friend, know which reviewers are reliable, protect themselves and others from online predators, and much more. A formal launch is scheduled for later this year.

"TrustPlus is shining a light on the Web's landscape to illuminate the people we encounter online," said Shawn Broderick, founder and CEO of TrustPlus. "We're creating accountability through community, building collective trust to make the Web a safe place to work and play."

It's difficult to know who to trust online, and that challenge is increasing by the day (watch the TrustPlus video at for more information). In the real world, we gather information regarding an individual's trustworthiness from face-to-face interactions, previous experiences and the opinions of those we know and trust. But online, we're faced with anonymous usernames and the opinions of random strangers. Does the person selling a used laptop have a reputation for selling quality products? Is it safe to go on a date with the single stockbroker who says all the right things? Can you trust the financial advice of a random blogger? Is that person selling a used car trying to unload a lemon?

The TrustPlus "Reputation Engine" connects people with their friends, their friends' friends, and so on, creating direct and indirect connections between every person on the Web. Users create a "TrustCircle" of those they trust the most, forming personalized foundations for the TrustPlus Reputation Engine. By leveraging the collective wisdom of the community and its six- degrees-of-separation, TrustPlus provides each individual with customized information about who to trust in any given online scenario, empowering Web users to protect themselves, the people they care about and the entire online community.

TrustPlus is altering the Web landscape by creating accountability through community, empowering people to:

-- Know who to trust. TrustPlus provides a customized Reputation Score in any situation, weighted by an unlimited number of factors, including who the person knows and the context of the interaction. For example, while you might trust your mother more than your friend, when it comes to buying a digital camera, your friend may work at an electronics store, making his opinion more trustworthy in this particular scenario. -- Use your good reputation anywhere on the Web. By building a reputation with TrustPlus, members can use it anywhere on the Web. Now online sellers can aggregate their reputations in one place and leverage them everywhere they sell online. This allows them to sell more, faster and at higher prices. In fact, research has shown that on average, sellers with good ratings secure nearly 10 percent higher prices in online auctions for identical goods. -- View anyone's reputation. The TrustPlus Viewer, a browser add-on, allows users to view anyone's reputation information on-the-fly and across multiple sites. TrustPlus supports some of the Internet's most trafficked destinations, including craigslist, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and eBay. -- Manage your privacy. With TrustPlus, people can manage and customize the information that is displayed to others based on who they are interacting with and the context of their interaction. For example, while John Smith may want to include his work colleagues in his network, he can keep them from seeing that he spends his weekends playing online poker.

"'Community' is today's table stakes for any new Internet company, but its promise will remain unfulfilled until people can know which strangers to trust," said Brad Feld, a TrustPlus investor. "The Internet is in dire need of a reputation layer and TrustPlus is poised to lead this new market with the three critical elements - community, context and portability - that will give consumers a comfort level interacting and transacting online."

EPage and iMoondo Launches First Integration

As part the beta preview, EPage Classifieds is integrating TrustPlus into all user accounts for its online classifieds site. TrustPlus reputations will include over ten years of feedback for EPage users, providing long-time customers a complete reputation history at the launch of TrustPlus. EPage has been offering free classifieds since 1994 and powers over 30,000 classified ad sites, and is available online at .

iMoondo has also integrated TrustPlus into its video classifieds site. Powered by TrustPlus, iMoondo visitors can view sellers' reputations before they make offers to purchase goods and services. iMoondo's free service allows people to post video listings to promote their business, sell cars, or even meet people with similar interests, and is available online at .

TrustPlus membership is free. Visit to begin building a personal reputation and gain insight into others' reputations.

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