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The Buddy Group, Orange County Based Digital Creative Agency, Expands Four Fold in Second Year of Operation, Moving Into New 16,000 Square Foot Irvine Office Space
Aug 07, 2007 (08:08 AM EDT)

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Orange County based Digital Creative Agency, The Buddy Group, has just moved into an expanded 16,000 square foot office space after just one year in its previous smaller location. The first two years of growth have far surpassed their five year business plan placing them in the forefront of creative design and execution for many national clients and Ad Agencies across the U.S. and other countries.

With clients such as Reebok, Old Navy, Motorola, Washington Mutual, Broadway's League of American Theaters and Producers, Hollywood clients such as Michael Eisner's new company Tornante and Vuguru, along with an expanded roster of other corporate, media and brand clients, the company continues to lead innovation in the creation of rich media advertising, web design, and digital video content solutions for the internet and mobile media technology.

Often touted as the Agency's Agency, The Buddy Group, under the leadership of Pete Deutschman, works closely with many top national ad agencies to execute their clients' Internet and mobile marketing strategies. By providing these services to a number of Ad and Marketing agencies, those agencies have been able to expand their services to their corporate clients while maintaining overall control of the agency's strategic campaign. This has evolved into a strong incremental revenue stream for a number of these Ad and Marketing agencies.

Starting two years ago in the spare room of his home, Pete moved quickly to a warehouse (with no air conditioning and only five employees) to sublet office space to 5,000 square feet (for 30 employees) to more than 50 employees and 16,000+ square feet of space today.

The Buddy Group has established key strategic relations with companies such as Point Roll and Vital Stream to provide leading edge distribution solutions along with their rich media advertising creations.

With this new location, The Buddy Group has expanded the space allocated to content creation with more programmers, digital artists, designers and product managers that are capable of meeting expanded client and creative demands. The company has recruited and employed a top creative team to make it a premier Digital Creative Agency.

Additionally, the space provides for the expansion of the TBG DotLot with two complete studio stages and five post production suites that allow The Buddy Group to develop, produce and shoot video and image content specifically designed for internet and mobile technology uses. In addition to its own uses, the DotLot is also being made available to companies: ad agencies, producers, photographers and others who are in need of large and efficient production space to create business-to-business, business-to-consumer and internal video programs as well as web based communication programs and components.

The Buddy Group is arranging for visits and tours of its facilities as well as presentations of its capabilities to interested parties. Arrangements can be made by contacting Lisa Hislop at The Buddy Group at 949.468.0042, ext. 121.

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Founded in July 2005, The Buddy Group is a leading edge Digital Creative Agency with a staff of more than 50 digital strategists, designers, developers, videographers and marketers. The company specializes in strategy and build-out of web sites, rich media, advertisements, video and games that are interactive, either online or mobile. The Buddy Group works with such clients as eBay, Washington Mutual, Pacific Chorale, AOL, Hansen Beverage Company and Warner Brothers. Detailed information is available at .

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