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SpikeSource Releases New Version of Popular Web 2.0 Suite
Aug 06, 2007 (08:08 AM EDT)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- SpikeSource, a provider of packaged and maintained open source solutions, today announced a new version of the company's popular Web 2.0 integrated software platform, SuiteTwo. Designed exclusively to harness the power and mass collaboration needs of any sized organization, the new version of SuiteTwo includes Japanese-language support and offers users expanded integration capabilities between Wikis and blogs.

"Our company has been working with SpikeSource and its partners to provide customers with Web 2.0 applications that accelerate collaboration efforts both inside and outside of their organizations with great success," said Kenji Ogawa, General Manager of Software Business Planning at NEC Corp. "Now that SuiteTwo supports Japanese 'out of the box,' we will be able to provide our customers with an open, flexible and participatory communication platform that helps them compete in today's fast-moving global marketplace."

SuiteTwo has been a foundation for communication that drives internal collaboration and external, high-engagement marketing and is ideal for advanced Web applications that incorporate blogging, RSS, search and Wiki capabilities into a single, fully-integrated suite. All services are integrated with a single sign-on and rich user interface. SuiteTwo v1.4 is currently available on Red Hat and SuSe Linux will be also available for sale in Japan through NEC.

"We continue to expand the capabilities of SuiteTwo to help our global customer base effortlessly adopt and integrate Web 2.0 capabilities such as blogs and Wikis into their organizations," said Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource. "Localizing for the Japanese market will help us expand our reach in the global market. As more and more organizations add Web 2.0 communication and collaboration applications as a way to increase brand awareness and time to market, look for us to continue expanding our capabilities to meet their diverse and growing needs."

Shipping and Availability SuiteTwo v1.4 will ship by Sept. 30, 2007.

About SuiteTwo

Fueled by the industry to improve profit margins and productivity, SuiteTwo provides companies the maximum use of Web 2.0 capabilities. A product of collaboration between Intel, Six Apart, (an Intel Capital portfolio company), Socialtext, SimpleFeed and NewsGator, Suite Two is leading the initiative as the only software that offers the convergence of complementary advanced applications of blogs, Wikis, content aggregation, RSS feeds and search. SuiteTwo demonstrates a fundamental shift towards open, flexible and participatory models of integration between businesses. For more information visit .

About SpikeSource

SpikeSource integrates, manages and distributes open source applications through global network of trusted solution providers. The company certifies complete solutions with an automated test framework that performs over 300,000 daily tests. The SpikeSource portfolio of SpikeCertified and SpikeIgnited solutions includes a comprehensive software update and support service called Spike(TM) Net. For a list of SpikeSource solution providers, visit .

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