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ICE Futures July 2007 ADV Rises 41% to Second Highest ADV; NYBOT ADV Grows 40%; ICE OTC Average Daily Commissions Rise 41%
Aug 02, 2007 (08:08 AM EDT)

ATLANTA, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- IntercontinentalExchange , the leading electronic energy marketplace and soft commodity exchange, today reported volume growth in excess of 40% for the month of July in each of the company's three execution venues compared to July 2006. Average daily volume (ADV) for ICE Futures, ICE's U.K. regulated futures subsidiary, was 543,232 contracts in July 2007, an increase of 40.8% over ADV in July 2006. ADV at the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT), ICE's U.S. regulated futures subsidiary, was 201,084 contracts in July 2007, up 40.8% over July 2006. Also during the month, average daily commissions in ICE's over-the-counter (OTC) segment were $834,888, a 40.6% increase over July 2006.

ICE Futures Volume and RPC

ICE Futures reported monthly volume in July 2007 of 11,951,098 contracts, an increase of 47.5% compared to 8,101,992 contracts in July 2006. ADV rose 40.8% from 385,809 contracts in July 2006 to 543,232 contracts in July 2007. ADV for the month of July represented the second highest in ICE Futures' history.

The ICE WTI Crude futures contract had its second highest total volume month with more than 4.5 million contracts traded and its second highest ADV with more than 204,000 contracts. The second best month was also recorded in July in ICE Gas Oil futures, with more than 2 million contracts traded during the month, and ADV of more than 92,000 contracts.

The ICE UK Natural Gas futures contract had record volume in July of 118,320 contracts, and record ADV of 5,378. The ICE-ECX CFI emissions futures contract posted record total volume of 119,268 contracts in July, and record ADV of 5,421. The ICE-ECX CFI options contract also posted record total volume and ADV records.

In July 2007, ICE Futures rate per contract (RPC) averaged $1.30, compared to RPC of $1.30 in May and $1.27 in June 2007. RPC is calculated by dividing transaction revenues by contract volume, and can vary based on pricing, customer and product mix.

At July 31, 2007, open interest for ICE Futures was 1,864,848 contracts, compared to 1,416,470 contracts at December 31, 2006. Exchange-wide open interest reached a new all-time high on July 12 of 1,867,953 contracts.

ICE Futures Segment: July Volume by Product Total Total Volume ADV ADV ADV Contract Volume Volume % July July % July 2007 July Change 2007 2006 Change 2006 ICE Brent Crude futures 5,116,922 3,783,010 35.3 232,587 180,143 29.1 ICE WTI Crude futures 4,503,521 2,591,243 73.8 204,706 123,393 65.9 ICE Gas Oil futures 2,028,517 1,620,441 25.2 92,205 77,164 19.5 Other contracts* 302,138 107,298 181.6 13,734 5,109 168.8 Total ICE Futures contract volume 11,951,098 8,101,992 47.5 543,232 385,809 40.8

* "Other contracts" include ICE Middle East Sour Crude futures, which began trading May 21, 2007; ICE Heating Oil futures; ICE Unleaded Gasoline Blendstock (RBOB) futures; ICE UK Natural Gas futures; ICE-ECX CFI futures; ICE UK Electricity futures; ICE Coal futures; ICE Brent options; ICE WTI options, and ICE Gas Oil options. The ICE-ECX CFI futures contract is the result of a cooperative relationship between ICE Futures and the Chicago Climate Exchange, Inc. and its subsidiary, the European Climate Exchange. ICE Futures shares in the revenue derived from the ECX CFI Futures contract.

NYBOT Volume and RPC

Total futures and options volume at NYBOT in July 2007 increased 47.7% to 4,234,855 contracts, compared to volume of 2,867,235 contracts in July 2006. July 2007 ADV rose 40.8%, to 201,084 contracts per day. Electronic trading in soft commodity futures accounted for 82% of the total NYBOT soft commodity futures contracts in July, compared to 72% in June. In July 2007, ADV in electronically traded soft commodity futures was 103,386 contracts; total soft commodity futures volume averaged 126,323 contracts per day. ADV in Sugar No. 11 futures, NYBOT's largest contract by volume, increased 80.0% in July compared to the same period in 2006. NYBOT set volume records in July in Cotton No. 2 options and total soft commodity options.

In June 2007, NYBOT reported an aggregate RPC for NYBOT soft commodity futures and options of $2.07, compared to $1.58 in June 2006. RPC for May 2007 was $1.68. RPC for NYBOT is reported one month in arrears. NYBOT Segment: July Volume by Product Total Total ADV** Volume Volume Volume ADV ADV ADV % Contract July July % July July % elect- 2007 2006 Change 2007 2006 change ronic Cocoa futures 242,710 331,108 -26.7 11,558 16,555 -30.2 87.2 Sugar futures 1,569,731 835,880 87.8 74,749 41,794 78.9 88 Sugar options 524,611 459,914 14.1 24,981 22,996 8.6 n/a Cotton No. 2 futures 428,059 184,482 132.0 20,384 9,224 121.0 65.4 Coffee "C" futures 361,467 289,028 25.1 17,213 14,451 19.1 76.4 Coffee "C" 230,883 245,798 -6.1 10,994 12,290 -10.5 n/a options FCOJ futures 50,721 63,429 -20.0 2,415 3,171 -23.8 43.0 FCOJ options 31,227 44,633 -30.0 1,487 2,232 -33.4 n/a Cross Currency futures 144,890 117,856 22.9 6,586 5,612 17.4 n/a Russell Futures 15,956 8,266 93.0 725 394 84.3 87.4 US Dollar Index futures 87,020 73,220 18.8 3,955 3,487 13.4 47.7 Other contracts* 547,580 213,621 156.3 26,036 10,622 145.1 n/a Total NYBOT futures & options 4,234,855 2,867,235 47.7 201,084 142,828 40.8 80.8 * "Other contracts" are NYBOT's additional markets for food, fiber, foreign exchange and index products. ** ADV % Electronic calculation excludes products that were not available for electronic trading at any time during the month. ICE began offering electronic trading for the NYBOT Russell 1000(R) and the NYBOT US Dollar Index on June 15, 2007.

OTC Business Segment

Average daily commissions reflect daily trading activity in ICE's OTC markets. In July 2007, ICE's average daily commissions increased 40.6% to $834,888 compared to $593,821 in July 2006.

OTC Segment: July Average Daily Commissions July 2007 July 2006 % Change ICE OTC Average Daily Commissions $834,888 $593,821 40.6 Additional July 2007 Highlights: * On July 9, ICE announced that it closed on its acquisition of ChemConnect, Inc.'s commodity trading business. ChemConnect is the leading electronic marketplace for the natural gas liquids (NGLs) and chemicals markets, which have a notional value of approximately $150 billion. * On July 18, 2007, ICE provided written notice to LCH.Clearnet Ltd. to terminate the existing clearing agreements for ICE's energy futures and OTC derivatives businesses. The clearing agreements will terminate 12 months from the date of the notice unless the parties agree to a different termination date. ICE expects to fully transition its energy futures and OTC derivatives clearing business to its ICE Clear Europe operations in the third quarter of 2008. * On July 24, ICE named Paul Swann, a 20-year veteran in European derivatives and equities clearing, President and Chief Operating Officer of ICE Clear Europe. * On July 24, ICE announced that the Russell 2000(R) Index full-size and mini-size will begin trading on the ICE trading platform on Friday, August 17. * On July 24, ICE announced that an expanded range of over-the-counter crude oil products covering the European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets will be offered on the ICE platform. The two OTC products are the Gasoil Crack Differential and the 1st Line Dubai Swap. In addition, several new bilateral contracts were listed earlier this month, including the Dubai, Oman, Tapis, Upper Zakum and Minas delivery points. * ICE announced on July 26 that effective September 3, 2007, NYBOT will be renamed ICE Futures US, reflecting the successful integration of NYBOT with ICE's existing businesses and reinforcing ICE's comprehensive offering of products and services, and its emphasis on innovation, customer focus and growth. ICE's London-based FSA-regulated operations will be named ICE Futures Europe. * Electronic trading in NYBOT US Dollar Index futures reached a new daily record on July 2 with 4,953 contracts, representing 44% of total trading in the product that day. The contract also established a new open interest high on July 25 of 47,619 contracts. NYBOT Cotton No. 2 options established a new daily volume record on July 9 of 64,735 contracts. Various NYBOT contracts set new open interest highs during July, including total options, Coffee "C" futures, USDX futures, Cotton No. 2 options and Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice options. * ICE Futures established numerous open interest records in July, in addition to the exchange-wide record, including in ICE Gas Oil futures, ICE UK Natural Gas futures and in both the ICE-ECX CFI futures and options contracts.

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