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Fierce Competition for Mobile Searches in China
Aug 01, 2007 (08:08 AM EDT)

BEIJING, Aug. 1 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Cgogo announces that according to iResearch, a leading market consulting company, the number of users of mobile searches in China in 2006 was 28 million, a 366.7% increase over 2005. The year '2007' is becoming the key transition period, from infancy to maturity, for the mobile search industry. Mr. Zhu Bo, the CEO of Cgogo, said on August 1 that he believes "the competition in the mobile search industry is becoming more fierce."

Microsoft, Google, Cgogo, Baidu et al., all have relative advantages in the mobile search field, with many of them focused on vertical search engines. Their competitive position is determined by the cooperation among the mobile search companies, carriers and end suppliers.

The barriers to mobile search are not insurmountable. The key to success is easy access to search pages and search history. Without the support of carriers and mobile phone manufacturers, the users would hardly be able recognize the search engine function developed by a company. So, the barrier to the integration of the whole industrial chain is greater than the technological barriers.

Unlike the independence and freedom offered by Internet searches, the development of the mobile search is controlled by the carriers and mobile phone suppliers. Cooperation with them is paramount for the mobile search engine developer. Because of this, a company's competitive position in the mobile search market is relatively fixed, with some remaining opportunities for free WAP, non-WAP and vertical searches.

User-accepted mobile advertisements

Picture advertisements and short message advertisements are simple and easy advertisements available for mobile phones. But there are many low- quality advertisements which appear as just rubbish to the users. The most popular method of transmission for mobile advertisements involves being condensed and simplified by the mobile search engine, and the second most popular is the WAP Push advertisement.

About Cgogo Technology

Cgogo, founded in February 2003, is a leading provider in the mobile search industry with many global IPRs and special technologies. The company is aiming to offer differentiated mobile Internet searches, WAP search, Intranet search and other data services to three hundred million mobile end users in China. Cgogo mobile search is a third-generation search which is a conceptual search technology based on the concept cluster Rank. In 2004, Cgogo began to offer mobile searches to wireless subscribers through China Mobile and China Unicom. Recently, Cgogo also launched mobile commerce and mobile advertisement systems.

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